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Eye Doctor

Ashleigh Yelvington

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Optometrist

Pictures What is the responsibilities of an Optometrist? They over see patient diagnosis, and try and find a treatment and
prevention for vision problems and diseases. They perform tests for
possible sight related problems, and prescribes contacts and eye
glasses. What Education is required? Optometrists require 7-8 years of post-secondary education to obtain their goal of Doctor of Optometry (OD). The education requirements usually include a minimum of three years in under-graduate education, which is not always but preferably in the sciences, a four-year university program in Optometry, most Optometrists choose to do an additional year of training upon completion of their Doctor of Optometry degree, the graduate is required to satisfy the provincial board requirements where the practice is to be established. In this process is a national examination administered by the Canadian Examiners in Optometry. A license by the provincial or territorial governing body is required. These requirements ensure the public receives the highest standards of optometric care. What colleges offer the major or certification program needed for Optometry? In Florida there is Broward Community College, Pre Optometry, Gulf Coast Community
College, Pre Optometry, Nova Southeastern University, School of Optometry, University
of South Florida, Pre Optometry Program. Other Colleges in the US are found in this link:
http://www.educationatlas.com/optometry-colleges.html What is the salary range for an Optometrist? About 50% of optometrists earn about $60,000-$100,000 annually. There is a 10% that
earn more than $150,000 a year. The median of Optometrists salary is around $90,000 a
year. The salary is a wide gap because the more patients they have and the quality
experience determines how much they get paid as well. Where will Optometry be 10 years from now? Employment of optometrists is expected to grow much faster than the average for all occupations through 2018, due to the vision care needs of a growing and aging population. Excellent job opportunities are expected.
Optometry is the third largest independent health care profession in the United States. Today there are 34,515 optometrists in America involved in direct patient care.Optometrists are licensed to use and prescribe diagnostic and therapeutic drugs in ALL 50 STATES. Where in the U.S. and in the world will Optometry most likely be in the highest demand in the future? What technology do Optometrists use? They use computer programs such as: Accra Med Software Filopto , AltaPoint Data Systems ,AltaPoint Vision ,Babcock Winx Pro, Compulink, Business Systems Eyecare Advantage, Digital Healthcare OptoMize, First Insight E-Z Frame, First Insight maximEyes, HealthLine Systems Eyecom, Insight Software My Vision Express, MAX Systems Max-Gold7, MediNotes Charting Plus, OfficeMate Software, Solutions ExamWRITER, OfficeMate Software Solutions, OfficeMate, Prima Systems OPTIX, Universal Software Solutions VersaVision, and VisionScience Software Acuity Pro. They also use Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, Intuit QuickBooks, Schedualing software, and Microsoft Word. What costomers do Optomestrists deal with? They deal with babies to senior citizens. They have to take care
of anyone with eye issues. How do Optometrists work with other businesses? They work with other companies by using advertising and shipping companies. What problems are most often needed to be solved in this career? They need to solve eye problems. They take tests and symtoms
and figure out what is wrong with the patients eye sight. How do Optometrists use math? In their everyday work, most optometrists rarely use math. When they do,
it's very basic math (addition, subtraction, fractions). Easy stuff, nothing
challenging in that area. Unless you become specialized in a specific field
of optometry like aniseikonia. What written and verbal skills are needed in Optometry when working as a team, and dealing with customers? They need patience, understanding, good grammer, and they need the ability
to talk and explain problems, plans, and ideas to the patient as well as nurses
and fellow doctors. Ashleigh Yelvington
2nd period
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