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Mentor Program Presentation

NIOSH Fire Fighter Fatality Investigation & Prevention

Al Palmquist

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of Mentor Program Presentation

Based on NIOSH Firefighter Fatality
Investigation Report F2006-26 Line of Duty Death Investigation 12:23 PM August 13, 2006
Clear, sunny day, 68 degrees F
Green Bay Fire Department (GBFD)
Dispatched to a possible structure fire
438 Edgewood Drive The Incident By: Al Palmquist
Wyoming, MN Fire Department Fire Discovery Next door neighbor, working in his home, smelled smoke
Went outside to investigate and observed smoke coming out of the soffits of the home next door
Neighbor pounded on the door, no answer, so called 9-1-1 Built in 1999
Approximately 5,600 Square Feet
Ordinary Construction
20' Wood Parallel Cord Trusses
3/4" Sub-floor
2 x 6 Framing
Interior: Drywall over wood frame
Exterior: Cultured stone The Structure Flooring in Master Bedroom 3/4" Sub-floor
Heating Coils
Poured Concrete
(1 1/2" Gypcrete, 30 lbs per sq ft)
Ceramic Tile

Appoximately 4" Thickness Dispatched From Station 5:
Ambulance 451
Engine 451
Ladder 451 Upon Arrival Officer from E451 reported light smoke showing
The crew was met by neighbor who reported he thought someone might be inside
An officer from E451 noticed a vent near the ground of the structure was pushing black smoke with burning particles Actions Taken 3 Person Crew
Entered with 1 3/4" hose line
Proceeded to basement in search of the fire 2 Person Crew
Stayed on main level to perform search and rescue efforts
Visibility near zero A451 E451 Collapse E451 was forced out of the basement because of heavy smoke and fire Directly above the seat of the fire, the floor beneath A451 collapses. The crew of A451 is separated by a dividing wall in the basement. Fell into a room without windows, where the only path of egress was blocked by debris. Fell into a room with windows on the North wall. More than seven entries were made into the structure to attempt the rescue of Lt. Arnie Wolff.
All attempts were made under heavy fire, heat, and smoke conditions.
Crews placed themselves in harm's way attempting a rescue in a structure that already suffered a partial collapse.
After all reasonable efforts had been exhausted, crews were ordered to suspend rescue attempts, as the fire weakened floor trusses and the first floor began to sag. Rescue Efforts FF Jo Brinkley-Chaudoir was instantly surrounded by flames, and took refuge against a block wall.
She felt the water and saw the fire darken down.
She then pushed her way through debris and made it into the next room of the basement.
The firefighter saw a window and was assisted out of the window by other crews.
FF Brinkley-Chaudoir survived, sustaining right shoulder burns, a hip fracture, rib fractures, multiple bruises and trauma. FF Jo Brinkley-Chaudoir NIOSH Recommendations Conduct pre-incident planning and inspections of buildings within their jurisdictions to facilitate development of safe fire ground strategies and tactics.
Use a thermal imaging camera (TIC) during the initial size-up and search phases of a fire .
Ensure fire fighters are trained to recognize the danger of operating above fire and identify buildings constructed with trusses. Lt. Arnold "Arnie" Wolff
July 14, 1951
August 13, 2006 A451 Crew Lt. Arnie Wolff
55 Year old male
17+ Years Experience
Other Training:
NFPA Level I & II
Building Construction
Pre-incident Planning
Technical Rescue
Ventilation FF Jo Brinkley-Chaudoir
10+ Years Experience
NFPA Level I & II
Other Training:
Building Construction
Pre-incident Planning
Fire Behavior Principles
Rapid Intervention Crew
Ventilation Origin of Fire The origin of the was located beneath the master bedroom in a section of unfinished basement that was approximately 750 square feet.

The ceiling in the room consisted of exposed floor trusses that were supported with wooded beams and metal post jacks. Summary The victim and firefighter had arrived in their ambulance and assisted the first-due engine attach a five inch supply line at approximately 1227 hours. The engine company was conducting a fast attack on a suspected basement fire, while a ladder company conducted horizontal ventilation. The ambulance crew had advanced to the front door of the structure when the incident commander requested them to conduct a primary search. The victim and injured fire fighter proceeded to conduct a left hand search at approximately 1234 hours. They took a couple of steps to the left just inside the front door to conduct a quick sweep. Visibility was near zero with minimal heat conditions. Because of the smoke conditions, they kneeled, sounded the ceramic tile floor, and took one crawling step while on their knees. They heard a large crack just before the floor gave way, sending them into the basement.
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