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jelly bean

on 22 June 2010

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Transcript of JLS

JLS members:
Aston Merrygold,
Marvin Humes,
Jonathan Benjamin Gill (JB)
and Oritse Williams They joined in 2007 for the X-Factor. They made it to the finals in the show and came a close second top Alexandra Burke. In the last 2 years they have made a album and have had a number of different singles, that have made it into the top ten. Including One shot, and Everybody in love. JLS stands for "Jack the Lad Swings They joined because Oritse's mum has MS, and he wanted to be able to look after her like he had been all his life, but with more money so he could pay for different things for her. A bit about them:
Full name - Aston Merrygold

Born - 13th Feb 1988

Star sign - Aquarius

Eye colour - Brown

Pets - No

Any brothers & sisters? - 1 sister 5 brothers

Any tattoos? 1 on my back (music symbol)

What was your nickname at school? Lil Man, A.S
Full name - Jonathan Benjamin Gill

Born - 7th December 1986

Star sign - Sagittarius

Eye colour - Brown

Pets - None

Any brothers & sisters? - 1 brother

Any tattoos? - None

What was your nickname at school? - Gilly, Gillster & JG

Full name - Marvin Humes

Born - 18th March 1985 Greenwich London

Star sign - Pisces

Eye colour - Brown

Any brothers & sisters? - Yes, Leon & Jackson

Full name - Oritsé Williams

Born - West London 27th November

Star sign - Sagittarius

Eye colour - Hazel

Pets - I had a gerbil when I was 11 years old

Any brothers & sisters? - 2 brothers & 1 sister

Any tattoos? - Not yet

What was your nickname at school? - Glitzy Ritzy & Music Boy

"Robbie and Take That were on of our biggest
inspirations, this feels like we're really compeating
against the big boys." JLS found each other two years ago.
Vision in mind, Oritse had put up signs on line
and around his university of north london campus.
he had been into the guitar shops on Charing Cross
Road in Londons west end and began a tireless trawl
through MySpace pages to scout people he believed
could turn his boyband supergroup dream into live.
He new what he wanted. In the event he found them: first Marvin, who he met outside Niketown on Oxford Circus and auditiond on the street. Then Aston, who he called on a football pitch and persuaded to try out. The final space was reserved for JB, who he'd been given the name of from a contact at University. They met at Starbucks. He toyed with different line-ups on his computor, pitting face next to face, working out how they would fit together, before alighting on his dream team. "As soon as i saw the four of us, I knew we were perfect" The boys soon formed a brotherly bond, giving all there time to rehearsels, polishing there act in blagged down time at The Dance Attic studios in West London
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