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Imam Ali

Imam Ali, Commander of the faithful (All images from google images).

Sakina Hasnain

on 29 October 2017

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Transcript of Imam Ali

Imam Ali

Commander of the faithfuls
Imam Ali
Commander of the faithful
Imam Ali

Imam Ali is the

first Imam.
His father was
Imam Ali (a.s.)
Imam Ali (a.s.) is the first Imam in Islam.
He was born on the 13 of Rajab.
His father was Abu Talib and mother was Fatima bin Asad.
His Family
Imam Ali (a.s.) was married to the daughter of the Holy prophet, Bibi Fatima (a.s.). Together, they had four children.
Imam Hassan (a.s.), Imam Hussein (a.s.), Bibi Zainab (a.s.) and Bibi Kulsoom (a.s.).
His Family
After the passing of Bibi Fatima (a.s.), Imam Ali (a.s.) married Ummul Banin. Together they had four children. Hazrat Abbas, Hazrat Jaffer, Hazrat Othman and Hazrat Abdullah.
His Role
After the Holy prophet (s.a.w.) passed away, Imam Ali (a.s.) became the Imam. He taught many lessons such as the following story.
Tired and exhausted with the water-skin on her back, she was gasping and going towards her house where her innocent children had their eyes fixed at the door, they were eagerly waiting for the arrival of their mother. On her way, an unknown man approached her. He took the water-skin from her and placed it on his back. The door opened and the children saw their mother entering the house with a stranger. He placed the water-skin on the ground.

Then he asked where her husband was.

She replied saying that her husband was killed in the army of Imam Ali (a.s.)

The stranger said no more. Bowing down his head he went away. But the thought of the helpless widow and orphans remained in his mind. He could hardly sleep in the night. Early in the morning he picked up a basket; put some meat, flour and dates in it, went straight to her house and knocked at the door.

The widow asked who it was.

A voice replied that it was the same man who had brought water yesterday and was now here to give some food.
She opened the door and entering the house, the man said he wanted to either help watch the children or make the bread. So the widow went to make the bread while the man watched the childen. As she did that, the stranger fed each child some food, asking them to forgive Imam Ali with every bite. Then the woman called him to put the fire in the oven. While he did that he said “Taste the heat of fire. It is the punishment for those who fail in their duty towards orphans and widows.”

All of a sudden, a women from the neighboring house came in, she recognized the strange and yelled that it was Ameer-ul-Momineen (commander of the faithful) Ali Ibn Abi-Talib.” The widow asked him for forgiveness but Imam Ali (a.s.) asked her for forgiveness because he had failed his duty.
This story shows us that we should always help the poor, needy, orphaned and anyone else who needs it.
Imam Ali
Commander of the faithful
By: Sakina Hasnain
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