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Einstein Bros. Bagels

Presentation by: Joshua Lomot, Alyssa Guller, Jonathan Baldessari, Maria Villasmil

Joshua Lomot

on 16 November 2016

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Transcript of Einstein Bros. Bagels

Data Analysis
Einstein Bros. Bagels

Straightforward and Accessible Process
Clearly presented Menu
Customer Flexibility
Current State
We made 96 observations
100% performance rating and 0.15 PFD allowance
Overall Standard Times:
In line: 1.54 minutes
Ordering: 0.40 minutes
Paying: 0.45 minutes
Waiting for order: 2.34 minutes
Total: 4.73 minutes
Limit of four workers behind counter
Eliminate an entrance or create an easy path from both entrances
Proposed Future State
Over-Crowded Waiting Area

Customer Overflow in Line

Flow interruption by Smoothie Order
Current State
Intercom or buzzer system
Snake line
Prepare ingredients for smoothie and have food preparation employees prepare them
Proposed Future State
Work Flow
Project Objectives
Project Timeline
Observe process for customers during lunch shift
Obtain time standards for each task
Determine ways that Einstein's can improve their process
Project Proposal
Project Scope
Process Flow
Data Collection
Data Collection
Data Analysis
Time Standard
4.27 minutes
4.58 minutes
7.27 minutes
Pre-Made Item:
1.68 minutes

Gantt Chart
Data Collection
7.98 minutes
4 workers= most effective
Shortest waiting time in line
Shortest waiting time for order to be ready
We conducted this time study with a continuous time study method.
Used by starting a stopwatch and letting it run uninterrupted.
We recorded the time when tasks begin.
Measured data on weekday afternoons from 12 PM to 5 PM.
-Time in line -Time to order
-Time to pay -Wait time for order
*(Data in minutes)
Benefits to this method include:
Better way to see the flow of how customers are processed.
No time lost in between tasks and nothing is left out.
If there is anything irregular in the process it can be easily seen.
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