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07.06 Genocide: Assignment

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Julio Olvera

on 23 February 2014

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Transcript of 07.06 Genocide: Assignment

Impacts of the Holocaust
The impacts of the Holocaust were tragic.Approximately 11 million people who were considered Jews,Slavs,or prisoners were classified as victims and killed during the Holocaust. This caused the Jewish population to decrease. After the Holocaust, a lot of Jews suffered from lost of identity. The Holocaust still haunts people who witnessed and who ever had the chance to survive.
07.06 Genocide: Assignment
This is a German Leader widely known as Adolf Hitler,
when the Holocaust took place , he was the commander and chief. During that time,
he was responsible for many deaths, including those Jew , Roma , etc.
Image # 1
Image # 2
Many people lost their life's in concentration camps. It was usually because of the beatings they endured, starvation, shootings, and many diseases. When they were deceased, they would pile the bodies on top of each other and leave them there.
Image # 3
Image # 4
Image # 5
These on the bottom right show people sorting through shoes from the victims in Auschwitz. The victims were forced to give up their personal belongings, including their shoes, to have them sent to Germany.
Gas chambers were one of Hitler's contraption that he used to kill the Jews, Homosexuals, and political people at concentration camps. He also used other experiments to kill the physically and mentally challenge people to test out them.
Gestapo were the secret Nazis Police that was under Hitler's rule. They would go take Jews from their homes, etc. and take them to concentration camps to be brutally tortured.
Call to Action
To prevent Genocides like the holocaust from happening again, we should be aware of what is happening around us. We should stay connected and involved with the community. We should not discriminate between race or religion. Everyone should be looked at as equal. Also we should have punishments for who ever tries a crime like this again.
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