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Frank Lloyd Wright:

No description

Madison Wright

on 12 May 2014

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Transcript of Frank Lloyd Wright:

The Winslow House
Imperial Hotel
in Tokyo
The Charnley House
Jacobs House
(Usonia House)
The Larkin Building
La Miniatura
Frank Lloyd Wright designed the Charnley House in 1891. This was the first house that Wright helped design. He had helped Sullivan, who was the man that he was working for when he designed this house.
The Charnley House has three floors. The building is very symmetrical. There is a room on each side of it. An open space is in the middle of those two rooms. When you look up from the middle you can see the skylight above. That is the Charnley House.
The Imperial Hotel is in Tokyo. Wright planned it to have many floors, but he decreased the size because Tokyo is earthquake prone. It is a very famous hotel. That is about the Imperial Hotel.
Wright began to design the Imperial Hotel in 1915. It was finished in 1922. In 1923 there was an earthquake in Tokyo, but the Imperial Hotel was not damaged.
La Miniatura was deigned to be around a grand fireplace. It was also designed to look like it belongs where it is. It is in Pasadena, California. The exterior is concrete blocks. That is about La Miniatura.
Wright designed La Miniatura in 1921. He designed the house for Mrs. Alice Millard. California is earthquake prone, so in building the Imperial Hotel, Wright had experience. Mrs. Millard only had $10,000 to spend on the house, so Wright had to come up with a way to make something cheap look beautiful. He decided to use concrete blocks for the exterior of the house. He did because it was cheaper than most materials.
Frank Lloyd Wright:
His Houses

About The Charnley House
The Winslow House was designed for W.N. Winslow. Wright wanted the house to look very low and horizontal. The first floors floor, was light beige that was smooth, rough, etc. The second floors floor was decorative tiles of terra cotta. The house had an entire rectangular theme. That is the Winslow House.
About The Winslow House
Frank Lloyd Wright designed the Winslow House in 1893. He designed it for W.N. Winslow. Wright designed it as his first house as an independent architect. That means that he no longer worked for a business.
About the Imperial Hotel
About La Miniatura
About Taliesin
Wright designed Taliesin in 1911. It is in Spring Green, Wisconsin. He kept adding to it and fixing things until he died on April 4, 1959.
Taliesin included the Taliesin residence, Midway Barns, the Hillside Homeschool, and Tan-y-deri. Tan-y-deri is the house that Wright designed for his sister and brother-in-law.That is Taliesin.
About Jacobs House
(Usonia House)
Wright designed the Jacobs House/ Usonia House in 1937. Because of this house, Wright was the creator of ranch houses. He got awards for it.
The Jacobs House/ Usonia House is one floor. It does not have a basement. The house has heated floors and wood as the exterior. That is the Jacobs House/ Usonia House.
About the Larkin Building
Wright designed the Larkin Building in 1904. It is in Buffalo, New York. It was a warehouse. The Larkin Building is ten stories high. It was for the Larkin Company.
The Larkin Building is ten stories high. It is 600 feet long and 100 feet wide. The builing is steel reinforced concrete. That is about the Larkin Building.
About Fallingwater
Wright designed Fallingwater in 1936. He really wanted it to look like it belongs where it is. It is in Bear Run, Pennsylvania.
Fallingwater is built with a waterfall. There is a small stream that goes through the house. Outside of it there is a small waterfall. That is about Fallingwater.
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