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Queen Nefertiti

Queen Nefertiti is a mystery to many people. By watching this video you will learn more about Egypt's most beautiful queen

Navkiran Parmar

on 22 April 2013

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Transcript of Queen Nefertiti

Queen Nefertiti
"The Beautiful One Has Come" Nefertiti's Lifetime
Achievements Resources Nefertiti's Family Nefertiti's
Disappearance Interesting Facts Nefertiti's Evidence Nefertiti's Reign By Navkiran Parmar Nefertiti's Rise
To Power . www.Kingtutone.com . www.ancientegyptonline.com . The Spirit Of Ancient Egypt
Author: Ana Ruiz Book Websites . www.History.com . Nefertiti married Amenhotep IV at the age of 15 . Has been remembered for her beauty . Changed Egypt from polytheism religion to a monotheism religion . Theory suggests Nefertiti grew up close to the royal family and married Amenhotep IV after he took the throne . Nefertiti was considered as one of the most powerful and beautiful women to ever rule Egypt . Chief wife of Amenhotep IV . Had 6 daughters; Merytaten born in year 2, Meketaten born in year 3, Ankhesenpaaten born in year 4, Neferneferuaten born in year 6, Neferneferure born in year 9 and Setepenre born in year 11 . Sister was Mutnodjmet . Theory suggests father is former pharaoh Ay since Nefertiti's sister is mentioned in Ay's tomb . Bust of Nefertiti was discovered on December 6th 1912, in Thutmose's workshop, in Amarna, Egypt . Nefertiti's mummy has not been found . Ruled with Amenhotep IV . Ruled from 1351-1334 BC . Made most important decisions since her husband had poor vision . Nefertiti disappeared around year 14 of Amenhotep IV's reign . The cause of her disappearance is unknown . Theories suggest she became unfavorable to Amenhotep IV since she was unable to provide a son to the throne . Nefertiti could have died from an illness . Theories suggest Nefertiti decided to marry a foreign king and rule in a foreign country . Theory suggests the mummy of "The Younger Lady" found in 1898 is Nefertiti's mummy . German archaeological team led by Ludwig Borchardt discovered Nefertiti's bust . Believed in Aten Cult which was a religious mythology stating that the sun god, Aten was the most powerful god and the only god worthy to worship . Body of "The Younger Lady" wore nefer beads and a Nubian wig which Nefertiti wore . Body's arms were in a position associated with a pharaoh holding a scepter . People argued that the body was younger than Nefertiti and that it wasn't female . The body was never identified . . Their rule was called the Amarna period . New religious concept was monotheism . Nefertiti changed her name to Neferneferuaten-Nefertiti in support of the new religion and Amenhotep IV changed his name to Akhenaten . . Had a strong influence on Egypt's religious aspect . Nefertiti was born in Thebes, Egypt . Nefertiti has become a global icon for cosmetic lines, women, beauty and power . Nefertiti was the stepmother and the mother-in-law of Tutankhamen (King Tut) . Instead of being Egyptian, Nefertiti may have been Syrian . How Nefertiti got into power is unknown . Theory suggests Nefertiti was Amenhotep IV's sister and married him . Amenhotep IV took the throne after his father, Amenhotep III died . After Nefertiti disappeared another person, Smenkhare was recorded to rule with Amenhotep IV . Archeologists believe Smenkhare was actually Nefertiti herself, disguised as a male . Nefertiti invented her own makeup by using the Galena Plant, she used the plant juice and applied it onto her face . Nefertiti ruled in the 18th dynasty . People were forced to worship only Aten . www.Biography.com
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