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The Ku-Klux-Klan

No description

Anna Feyer

on 16 April 2013

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Transcript of The Ku-Klux-Klan

from the greek word kyklos (circle)
an extremist and violent undercover organization
fights against afro-americans, jews, catholics and communists
also against gay marriage and interracial marriage The Ku-Klux-Klan structure general
"Yesterday; Today; Forever" - the aims of the KKK
symbols and rituals
the klan today the first klan history civil war 1861-1865
on the 6th of may 1866 in Pulaski, Tennessee
by six confederate officers
leader: Nathan Bedford Forrest
originally no political interests
1867: abolishment of the "Black Codes"
soon very popular in the south
suppressing former slaves to reconstruct the old order of separation
"Invisible Empire of the South"
1871: "Force Bill"
the KKK was now unconstitutional and disappeared the second klan the third klan / the klan today "fiery cross"
religious meaning: the fire of faith illuminates the darkness and burns all sins
stood also in front of the houses of victims: warning to the afro-americans
"Blood-Drop cross"
christian cross with a drop of Jesus' blood
Jesus died for the "white aryan race"
ghosts of dead confederate soldiers
related to robe of the monks
to keep anonymity symbols and rituals general "Yesterday, Today, Forever" - the aims of the KKK the klan fights for:
the leadership and protection of the white aryan race
America as the first country without any foreign influence
the christianity as the only religion they believe in the superiority of the white race crimes February 1915: „The Birth of a Nation“→ revival of the KKK due to the leader, Simmons
1920th: the KKK is supported all across the USA
1924: 4,5 Million Members
1944: disbandment of the KKK 1960th: different sections arise again
1970th: David Duke is leader of the KKK
nowadays: approximately 5000 member 1964: murder of three civilright activists and two afro-americans in Mississippi
1980th: The „United Klans of America“ is accused because of the murder of Michael Donald
1990th: the murderer are sentenced to death penalty sources:
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