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Lindsey McCarthy

on 11 April 2013

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Why am I doing this? Effective web searching Different Styles of learning Putting pen to paper, so to speak in our first assessment task and stating 'why' I want to be a teacher enabled me to be more reflective and open. This is something that I feel over time will change and grow as I do as a learner, ESH 102 - Week 6 Effective/Non effective teaching APA referencing With a 6 month old baby and a full time 100% study load, time management is a HUGE challenge. This is something that after having 3 assignments submitted I am starting to get a better grasp of. By developing a study plan I have been able to use my study time more effectively. The last 6 weeks has been a huge learning curve for me, the following few snippets are what has stood out on my journey of learning so far. MyLO I have always had teachers that I have liked and those that I haven't so much. I have never looked at this in relation to effective or non effective teaching. Looking back I can certainly pin point the main differences now. Referencing is such a new notion for me. I have not been in a situation before where any kind of referencing is necessary. Steep learning curve and something that I will continue to develop through my degree Google has always been my answer to everything! Learning about new ways to search and what is classified as scholarly information has been a real eye opener. This is a great tool that is helping me across all of my units. Time Management Until recently I had not considered that different people learn in different ways. Trying to pinpoint how I myself learn has been quite confronting. Learning to reflect and evaluate myself is an entirely new concept. This program I have found very challenging. Each of my 4 subjects are laid out in a different way, making things just that little more confusing. I have learnt so much about finding my way around so far and am becoming more familiar with the program each time I log on. I look forward to continuing my journey through University with you all. Thank you for watching =)
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