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Borjan Project

Strategic Marketing Plan

Faiza Anwar

on 21 December 2012

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Transcript of Borjan Project

Strategic Marketing Plan of Borjan Introduction Environmental Analysis Introducing Women sub brand Expanding Target Market Thank you! M. Faraz Khan ,Sheharyar Amin , Raja Waqas Ullah, Ahad Ahsan, Sahar Mahboob,
Faiza Anwar Welcome! on behalf of "The Beacons" Parts of the presentation: Introduction Environmental Analysis Problem Identification Proposed Strategies We hope to give you an idea about the Borjan's marketing strategies, loopholes and our suggestions for improvement. Enjoy! Introduction Borjan is a prominent Pakistani brand

Main focus is "Fashion"

Product line;

Foot ware (Male & Female) Primary
Hand Bags (Female) Secondary
Accessories – Belts, Cufflinks & Socks (Male) Secondary

Borjan Pakistan has been serving the footwear industry for almost 16 years now

Borjan is operating 74 outlets in 48 cities of Pakistan. Mission Statement

“We promise customer care and peace of Mind.”


Leading choice in terms of producing fashionable shoes.
Excellent customer care. Competitors of Borjan Political instability – Shrinking economy less spending

Energy crisis – Increases production costs

Production shift to China – lower manufacturing costs, lower utilities cost & other factory overheads in China

Technology – Old production methods, less competitive in the international markets Current Situation of Borjan Product Mix Women Men Hand Bags Accessories Gig Sky Walk Causal Matilla Formal Party wear Gig Digger Sky Walk Matilla belts
Socks Promotion 2-3% of revenue devoted to advertising
No massive TV campaigns except on special events
Magazines Mostly Sunday
Main chunk of advertising is on Billboards
Social Media
Radio, Mostly in Backward areas. Place 74 Branches overall in 48 cities of Pakistan

Placement in main cities and one step down.

E.g. Lahore than Gujrat , Gujranwala
Karachi than Sukkur and Hyderabad
Multan than Bahawalpur and Rahim yaar khan Pricing Variety of sub brands under Borjan catering mostly medium to high income earners Plus points Superb designs
Quality focused
Supply chain is very strong
Strong R&D Department Where the problem lies? Awareness in the female populace due to limited advertising, although it is well renowned brand for gents. Does not cater Kids Limited Advertising due to budget constraints Our Main Focus Creating Awareness of Women Line Current Target Market Age 17 60 Positioning The positioning objective is to provide a fashionable and luxury footfall that is aimed at provision of quality, after sales durability and consumer confidence. What we are doing... Giving new identity Assigning a fashion statement Age (years) 3 60+ Introducing highly fashionable range for kids Current Situation Budget Allocation Implementation schedule "Our aim behind that is to cater the whole market, targeting all age groups with an intense attribute of fashion" Profits Introduce Online shopping Facility We propose to create online website buying for customers, which can let customers buying Borjan items at home and order online of current inventory in different color and sizes, which will then later be deliver at their doorstep. New line typically for bridal wear Promotional strategy Budget Allocation Implementation Schedule How we will create awareness among women about "Stylight by Borjan"... Our main Focus Fashion "Get Trendy... wear Borjan,, open the horizons to Enhance your Beauty" Hey Girls! shopping upto Rs. 3000,, get 50% discount on manicure and pedicure at selected beauty saloons by by At those selected Beauty saloons

display Borjan posters, standees.
will create positive word of mouth
will definitely create awareness of Stylight Promotion for kid wear big shoes models with Borjan written over it Hey kids,
Step into the world of your fancies :) Proposed Product Mix Stylight Men Hand Bags Accessories Gig Sky Walk Causal Matilla Formal Party wear Gig Digger Sky Walk Matilla belts
Socks Women Kids Borjan Couture Collection Advertising Budget Revenues generated by implementing the Strategies First 2 quarters more budget spending;
Brand building
Generate sales

Last 2 quarters;
Brand recall Promotion at University and College Level Selecting cool fashionable girl and a boy as Brand Ambassador People will know when it comes to buying shoes for brides that Borjan has a special line especially for brides and we can advertise that by doing bridal shows in which we have models wearing our shoes.
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