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Central Africa

No description

J Dolesh

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Central Africa

Central Africa Region by Brooke and Jacobey Physical Geography Countries:
Central Africa Republic
Deocratic Republic of the Congo (Zare)
Sao Tome
Equatorial Guinea
Principe Location:
latitude:25 degrees N - 15 degrees S.
Longitude:6 degrees E - 32 degrees E. Landforms:
Congo River
Chad and Central African Republic are land locked.
Mountains on western egde.
Democratic Republic of Congo has only 25 miles of coast line
Central African Plateau in Congo.
Cataracts off the Central Plateau Climate:
Average temperatures are 80 degrees F and varies only a few degrees from month to month.
Most of the region has more than 80 in. of rainfall a year.
Some areas have as much 150 in.(More than the sahel recieves in 10 years.
Democratic Republic of Congo and Chad have dry seasons.
Heavy year round rains coupled with the hot tropical sun creates and environment in which plants and animals thrive. Government Multi-party and democratic elections in Gabon, Central African Republic, Sao Tome, and Pricipe
Government Economy Resource Rich Traditional People The Mbuti people are the tradtional people of Central African region.
they are one of many related groups that live in the rain forest of Central Africa.
Descents of the earliest inhabitants of the Central African rain forest.
reconized for their short stature
Have a close and respectful relationship with their forset home.
Honey is a prized food to them.
men are hunters as well as food gathers; women gateher plants for food, medicine, cook meals, and care for children.
Most mbuti live near the villages of Bantu farmers. They have had a close economic and social relationship together for hundreds of years.
The Mbuti people help the Bantu Farmers and in return the Bantu farmers help the Mbuti people.
The Mubti people often trade the Bantu farmers for food and othe r things.
The Mbuti people do not have any problems in the modern world because of their independent nature and their relationship with the Bantu farmers. Effective Government Now that the Central African Government is democratic people have begun to notice that the new government is helping people change the economy for the good. Also this democratic government has let the people be more free and they get the right to vote for office. The only downfall about this new governmeant is some of the people do not like it at all. Like the Laurent Kalbila, he was the president that announced the Democratic way of government. Because of the Announcement three years Later Laurent Kabila was Assasinated but his son Joseph Kabila carried on the new demcratic and now Central Africa is a good and rising region of Africa . Central Africa I think by studing it could have a successful and bright future in Africa and would be Africa's most powerful region Popular Culture Small Farmers
Houses made out of wood and clay
Hunt and search for food in rain forests
Most people are Christians
Some still follow African Tradition VISIT Yes, we both think that visiting Central Africa would be fun. There is an abundant amount of things to do. You can go and visit the cataracts, or you could go and travel the eight countries. For example you could go visit Principe, which is one of the island countries. Or you could go visit land locked Chad. The Congo river would also be an interesting place to visit. Visiting the Mbuti people would be an awesome thing to do. They couyld teach you some things about here home land. While you are in the rain forest, you could also explore that. Central Africa is an interesting place to visit now but in the future it will become an even better place to live or visit. It will most likely become one of the strongest regions in Africa. Citation pictures cited at: go.grolier.com and information in: Harlos PH.D, Christopher. Ajourney through Africa, Asia, and the Pacific Realm. Salt Lake City: Gibbs Smith, 2008
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