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Lean Canvas Model

No description

Mariko Arai

on 30 April 2015

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Transcript of Lean Canvas Model

Lean Canvas Model
Customer Segmentation
D. Rukare
About Artist
View more videos
Live Views

Business Model
Industry Information
For the doers of the world
Principles of Entrepreneurship
Hult International Business School
Hey y'all! This is my first live stream, so be nice. For materials you'll need a square sheet of paper (any color) and patience!
Origami Crane Tutorial
LIVE online game streaming site
4th highest trafficked website in US after Google, Apple, & Netflix
45 million viewers watching 13 billion minutes per month
Largest online social network platform for artists and enthusiasts
32 million registered members
65 million unique visitors per month
160,000 artworks uploaded everyday
Social sharing site
40 million U.S. users
750 million boards
30 billion individual pins
54 million new ones added every day
For the observant, curious-minded or those needing inspiration
ArtTube.com is a live streaming platform for Do-it-yourself crafters and artists.
All content is user-generated by tutorialists or artists wanting to display their talent... live!
No live stream platform for artists
Existing Alternatives:
(not live)
(not live, offers brief tutorials, links to external sites, display only)
(gallery only)
(marketplace only)
Build a platform for artists to create their own tutorials or showcase their skills!
Artists can have their own profile
link to own website/Etsy
Ability to pin tutorials on Pinterest
User can request certain tutorials
Artists get immediate feedback (even suggestions)
DONATE option
Viewers cannot ask immediate questions and artists do not get immediate feedback
gets frustrating!
Millions of tutorials available online, but no way to contact artist
or get no response from abandoned profiles...
Web traffic
# of active artists (partners)
# of active viewers (engagement, retention)
# of premium subscribers
# of ads clicked
We want help!
Learners and creators
Highly interactive and engaging
Watchers and Seekers
geared towards appreciation of skill, immediate feedback
comments take too long or unseen/ignored
All videos are archived to watch later!
Viewers can interact with the streamers to ask relevant questions or provide immediate feedback.
Freemium model
Free membership - ads, ads, ads!
(sell ad space)
$4.99 per month subscription - no ads!

Popular streamers can become "partners" and share their videos' ad revenue.

Twitch.tv does this!
what size is the paper?
: Need any help?
Viewers can also donate any amount to support an artist or show appreciation
Sick of Ads?

Upgrade to premium
Streamers: ones who teach
Viewers: those who want to learn
PEOPLE WITH SKILLS who are willing to show off!
People who appreciate skill, those who learn simply by observing or need inspiration
Server costs
Web development and upkeep
DDOS protection
Website URL: $39.99 per year
Fiber Optics internet
: Start-up $150 per year
Advertising and Customer Acquisition
Popular streamers can become "partners" and will share their ad revenue
We need enthusiastic, passionate, and engaging streamers and viewers to succeed
Ad Space

Premium Subscriptions
MixPanel analytics is a company that analyzes web data. By using this, we are able to know who uses the site, how they got there, how engaged are they, etc.
: Can I use printer paper?
Exit Strategy
Visit online shop
twitch.tv was acquired by Amazon for $970 million and had interest from Google

The Youtube for Artistic knowledge
The ultimite hub for DIY crafters
a community, a social network, and a platform to enjoy and appreciate creative crafting and art
1st type
2nd type
less pinning!
more doing!
Merge with companies already in similar fields such as Youtube or Pinterest looking for new revenue streams or customers
Premium subscription (no ads)
or a free membership (with ads) for viewers
Word of mouth (art/diy communities are tight-knit)
Social media with creative users (DeviantArt, Pinterest, Instagram)
talent scouting for pro artists (if well-known, will attract viewers)
LIVE makes creating more personal. No more mindless uploading. No more wondering how other people do things. No more confusing diagrams or blurry pictures. You
The Twitch for artists
Streamers will be albe sell their finished products within the website platform.

Engaging and exciting to watch art be made, then being able to buy it.

One-of-a-kind art can be sold on a bidding basis
People are interested in art and crafts!

Streaming is also an established norm with increasing network speeds.
People request tutorials all the time! However, these artists tend to be more private and protective of their work
This user base loves sharing! Many people are willing to create picture-based tutorials, but it can be low quality and not as in-depth. Most pins link to external sites.

ArtTube.tv aims to be more proactive than just mindless browsing.
Live streaming has become very popular in the gaming industry for helpful walkthroughs, gaming tips, and entertainment. Live streaming needs to expand into the art world, because it can offer the same benefits.
Different art types will attract different kinds of people (eg Knitters and quilters vs anime artists)
Using this information will aid ArtTube in decisions concerning areas of improvement and focus and ways to optimize the UI and engagement.
Twitch.tv also uses MixPanel
Growth (con't)
Providing a Marketplace
After a discussion with a web developer, he stated that adding a marketplace will be expensive due to the increase development and upkeep costs (added security, fees, bigger servers, customer service).
Live streaming itself has a very intensive infrastructure. We need to focus on the core of the business before we can expand with steady revenues.
Ship today.
Improve tomorrow.
Future plans
but people love to watch the process
or do it themselves
Viewers can learn WITH the teacher
revenue streams. "Featured Profiles" advertising space. Fees per transaction.
See "Future Plans" for expansion plans
ArtTube.tv is a site centered around a community. As a start-up, it will have the flexibility to listen and to quickly respond to the early adopters.
building a reputation from the early adopters will give us credibility and attract talented artisits, giving us credibility
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