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The 1992 Ferrari 456GT had a 5,474 cc engine. Combined with

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Garret Kiser

on 6 September 2013

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Transcript of The 1992 Ferrari 456GT had a 5,474 cc engine. Combined with

Muscle Cars!!
What year was the Lincoln Town car was selected as the Motor Trend Car of the year?
What is the horsepower rating on the BMW M3 in North America?
In 1968, Audi released a new car design. What was the name of the car?
What car had the most speed in 2002?
192 horsepower
Audi 100
The 1992 Ferrari 456GT had a 5,474 cc engine. How much horsepower did it produce?
456 horsepower
Who said, "The Jeep is the only true American sports car."?
Enzo Ferrari
What year did Volvo start making cars?
Who designed the Beetle?
Ferinando Porsche
What was the fastest road car in the history of Aston Martin?
V12 Vanquish

The Ferrari F355 Spider proved to be a popular one. What year did they begin construction on it?
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