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No description

Ava Vuillaume

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of Matched

Family Customs Geography Matched Banquet: When you turn 17, you have a matching banquet. This is where the society reveals who they have chosen for you to marry at the age of 21

Final Banquet: When you turn 80 years old, you have a final banquet. This is where your friends and family gather for a last meetings together. Then you eat your food and die.

Artifacts: Each person in the society is allowed one artifact. An artifact is something given to you from a family member of a past generation. Cassia's artifact is a compact that has been in the family for many generations. The black squares represents the houses. The trees off to the side represent the hill in which you would go hiking on. The circles represent the buildings such as the schools, the game center, the museum, banquet room.. etc. The tree in the circle represents the centerpiece in the street. All the black lines are roads. Matched By: Hannah, Brooke, and Ava History Symbolism Terms Power Individu ality Sameness Physical Appearance Cassia's family includes her brother Bram , her mother and her father. The Society: The society is which controls the people. There are officials which make up The Society. Plain Clothes : Brown clothes that everyone in the society wears. Their physical appearance is brown plain clothes. They look just like people today. By Allie Condie Officials: The society decided that if you die at the age of 80 you wont have to suffer through the old ages. As long as Cassia can remember the "Matching" process has been in place. When the government decided to make some of these rules they thought it would be better for the society. People who work in the society that keep order, and make sure everyone is doing what they are supposed to be doing. The color Green symbolizes the color of Cassia's dress for the Matching banquet Food The food that the people eat in our book is like the food we eat. The only difference is that all their food is delivered to them. Most of the food delivered is a meal not just a bunch of snacks. Hill: The hill is the place where you can go hiking. Society: The power also like the now a days government. A butterfly symbolizes the freedom and choice that Cassia dreams for. A typical family in our book is about 2-3 kids The compass symbolizes the first days of when Ky and Cassia started to like each other. Ky gave her a compass at hiking. In their society they do many things the same as us. One example is that they eat the same kinds of food as us. Another example is that both society's have a government (theirs is just more strict). Conclusion Matched was a very good book. It will keep making you think about if our lives were like that. Thank you for watching. The End There are three main differences from our society and theirs. The first one is the clothes they wear. They all wear "Plain Clothes." The second one is that they use an air train as transportation to school, work, summer activities, game center, ect. The third one is that the society picks who you marry, your job and when you die.
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