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Mt. Lebanon Shaker Village

No description

Michael Ho

on 28 October 2012

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Transcript of Mt. Lebanon Shaker Village

Utopia Mt. Lebanon Shaker Village Basic Community Rules and laws In 1821, the Shakers established a written rule for the citizens to live by, which are called the Millennial Laws. The laws said: each community's location would include a place of natural beauty for worship, simple buildings must be organized in a linear fashion and roads and walkways must be carefully maintained, and many more. Other rules included what to eat, use of language, and confession of sins. Family Guidelines Every village has Elders and Eldresses, who live separate from the rest of the people, called Brothers and Sisters. Each village has 3 family units of 30 to 100 individuals. Marriage Guidelines In the Mount Lebanon Shaker Village, there are no marriages or giving in marriage. If a married couple happens to join the Shaker village, their marriage is immediately ended. The Shakers ban marriages because they think that it is improper and imperfect. Education The Shaker children were educated, but only certain subjects like reading, writing, and math were important to them, no other subject mattered. The Shaker boys went to school in the winter, and the rest of the year was spent out on the farm. The Shaker girls went to school during the summer months, and during that time were taught how to cook, weave, clean, and spend time on the farm or garden or to learn a new expertise like carpentry. Careers The Shaker's jobs mostly compose of outside work. The people maintain the stables of horses, and help plant flowers and vegetables. Farming is also a big part of the Shakers jobs. Most people spend their time farming and taking care of their outside surroundings. They take care of their ecosystem by sweeping roads and steps every day, because they want to live a perfect life with no problems. Religious Beliefs The Shakers believe in Christ's Second Appearing, and the Shakers were founded upon the teachings of Ann Lee. The Shakers worship with ecstatic dancing or shaking. The Shakers also attend a church with a Preacher. The Shakers are widely known for their other beliefs that both men and women are equal in all ways. Medical Guidelines Government Guidelines Info from: http://www.nps.gov/nr/travel/
haker/shakerstyle.htm http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shakers The Shakers are very famous for their expertise and advanced skill in herbal medicines. The Shakers believe that gentleness can go a long way as far as sicknesses. The Shakers also used different methods of medication besides herbal medicines, like therapeutic touch and even adult cradles. The Shakers do not believe in medical practices like leeching and bleeding, but instead turn to herbal medicines. http://anesthesioboist.blogspot.com/2008/09/excursions-in-medical-history-shaker.html Shakers The Shakers are a religious sect that follow the teachings of Ann Lee. The Shakers are an example of one of the uncommon Utopian societies in the United States. http://bar-b-k.tripod.com/id16.html The government of the Mount Lebanon Shaker Village is a gender-balanced kind of government. The Shakers there believed that both men and women are equal with each other, and that no one is of a higher ranking than another. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mount_Lebanon_Shaker_Society
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