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No description

Mahmoud Hamouda

on 15 December 2011

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Transcript of Lean

Identify the value stream Define the value stream Create Flow Establish Pull Seek Perfection Why is the customer coming to you?
What product or service is the customer expecting from you?
What’s the level of services or quality of product that the customer expects? According to Kaizen Institute, you can identify a true value stream where repetitive actions take place
Identify all the steps in the value stream
Identify what you do to give the customer what’s required
Eliminating whenever possible those steps that do not create value This is the ultimate goal
Create the final flow chart, the new modified process
Make sure the value stream steps flow smoothly Push vs. Pull Process Control Push is a process that happens weather the customer requested it or not let the customer use the process After everything is done go back and begin, Again Think Lean Lean is about eliminating the waste in the process Lean was born in the year 1930 at Toyta on the hands of Taiichi Ohno Lean was used in the Toyota Production System to obtain low cost, high variety, high quality, and very rapid throughput times to respond to changing customer desires Although Henry Ford was the first to create an assmebly process 7 Wastes
Classic wastes in the following categories: Defects, Processing, Over Production, Movement, Transportation, Inventory, Waiting ! Pull is a process that is triggered by a customer request What Henry Ford did was that he arranged the locations of the resources according to the sequence of tasks MAhmoud
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