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Legislative Branch Intro: Traits of the House and Senate

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on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of Legislative Branch Intro: Traits of the House and Senate

Special Powers
More Prestigious
-Less members (100, or 2 per state)
-More difficult to get into
-Represent a larger area (whole State)
-Larger constituency (people who vote for the representative)
-Deal with more issues
-More important powers
-Unlimited debate
-6 year terms

*30 years old
*Citizen for 9 years
*Resident of the State
Special Powers
-Start appropriation (money) bills
-Impeach (bring charges against) federal officials
*25 years old
*U.S. Citizen for 7 years
*Resident of the State (usually of the district)
Less Prestigious
More members (435)
-Easier to get into-Represent a smaller area (district)
-Smaller constituency
-Deal with less issues
-Have less important powers-Limited debate (1 hour)
2 Year terms
Congress: The House of Representatives and The Senate
The House of Representatives
The Senate
Do Now:
Imagine that you are applying for high schools and you get accepted into two great schools. One is more selective and has great programs that will get you into a fantastic college; the other one is not as highly regarded but still has good programs, plus you have several friends going there. Which do you choose? Why?
Welcome To Congress!
The Law-making Branch of the Government
Bicameral Legislature:two parts that work both independently and together
Most powerful branch
Each congress lasts for 2 years; 2 sessions of January through November or December
Joint Session: When the two houses meet together to do business or listen to a President's speech
Notes Setup
Fold edges of paper in so they meet in the middle.
Welcome to Congress! By: __
House of Representatives
[Intro Notes]
-Accept/reject presidential appointments-Accept/reject treaties-Hold trials for those who have been impeached
Created to give equal representation to all states
Created to provide representation based on population
-Can serve an unlimited number of times
-Salary/Benefits:~Make $165,800 a year~Income tax deduction (because they live in two places – DC and their home state)~Travel allowances~Low cost medical insurance~Office and funds to hire staff and operate the office~Franking privilege – can mail letters for free~Can punish, censure (condemn an action), or expel members~Override vetoes~Work in the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C.
Exit Slip:
Why do you think the Founding Fathers designed the legislative branch to be the most powerful?
House Vs. Senate Practice Activity
Without using your foldable: sort the facts about Congress into the appropriate column: House of Representatives, Senate, or both.
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