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Business Model Canvas

Victoria Garza 914150 LDI

Victoria Garza

on 19 May 2016

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Transcript of Business Model Canvas

Make Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Monterrey
headquarters of VSA Arts in Mexico, placing it as a pioneer in arts for people with disabilities nationally, thus positioning the museum worldwide. This will
allow our target groups to find resources, activities and venues to express themselves, learn and channel energy through art, making others aware of the importance of universal design, inclusion, and the benefits of art throughout the country.
who are my customers?!
Meet the blind kid who is anxious for touching and feeling what others find visually marvelous, meet the teacher that cannot consider a cultural field trip beacuse her special ed students might throw a fit, meet the mother that is afraid her kid will be left out for using a wheelchair, meet the guys at the retirement home that feel the urge to see new things, and understand this new, confusing world.
Private institutions
Public schools
Public rehab and disabilities institutions
Support groups
Retirement homes
our relationship
Institutions can call directly to schedule visits
No paperwork needed to schedule visits
Professional collaboration with schools and centers to develop workshops and conferences
Group profiles and diagnosis made before every visit
Special relationships with recurring institutions commited with our programs
Small groups in each visit for special attention
Family activities
Museum´s web page
VSA´s web page
TV, Radio and Newspaper invitations
Phone calls
Magazine and brochure ads
Bi-monthly newsletter
revenue flows
our partners
key activities
key resources
cost structure
learn more about VSA Arts
Charging for teacher´s courses to get certificate with curricular value.
Auctioning children´s works
Annual charity ball
Mobile museum program (Marcomovil) for free outside the museum to promote paid entrance to museum
FONCA (Fondo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes)
Fundacion Banorte
volunteers and students doing community service
from universities
Museum spaces for activities such as auditorium, workshops, lobby and restaurant.
Other spaces owned by our partners to do conferences, courses, performances, and exhibitions for free.
Outsource transportation
Teachers, artists, and specialists interested in volunteering in order to get masters or PhD degrees.
VSAs support with resources, advice and program structure
Museum´s existing office space
Sponsorship categories for bigger and smaller companies
Each category will include different benefits for the sponsor
•Supporting CAMs (Centros de Atenciones Multiples) academic learning•
Workshops with professional artist and kids with and without dissabilites.
•Partnerships with youth centers, and CCDS (Centros Comunitarios para el Desarrollo Social)
•Professional courses for teachers, artists, and arts program staff
•Career development of artists with disabilities
• Assistance to other cultural institutions interested in providing services for persons with disabilities
•Services that ensure people with disabilities have opportunities to experience the arts as audience or artists
Festivals, exhibits, and performances
The first step for making this value proposition a reality has already been done.
Upon my request, VSA will send all of the information and requirements that an international affiliate needs in order to become a part of VSA
VSA arts is an international nonprofit organization founded 35 years ago by Ambassador Jean Kennedy Smith to create a society where people with disabilities learn through, participate in, and enjoy the arts.
...These are just some of the local organizations that have participated in CREARTE, the Museum´s educational program aimed toward making art accessible to all.
With VSA´s support our customer segments would not vary, but the amount of persons benefited from the program would increase from 6,500 visitors that MARCO attends annually to a whopping 50,000, the average number every affiliate within the US receives.
Key activities are easy to define thanks to the well structured method of working that VSA offers.
Being an international affiliate, we cannot receive grants from the US, but VSA can help structure costs to have a compelling report that can get the museum the needed sponsorships.
Grants for working with the whole program vary greatly, from mere 6,000 dollars in one state to 500,000 in others, all of them are able to keep a variety of activities that enable VSA to fulfill its objectives.
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