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The Ancanthamoeba Parasite

The Ancanthamoeba parasite is

regina xiong

on 1 December 2016

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Transcript of The Ancanthamoeba Parasite

The Acanthamoeba Parasite
Acanthamoeba(ameba) is a parasite. A parasite is another organism that lives in another organism, a host. Acanthamoeba though is a microscopic, free-living, single-celled organism, it can live without a host. Is able to host many bacterial species living in the environment This parasite can cause rare, but severe infections of the eye, skin, and central nervous system.
(cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr
Ring infiltrate of the eye
corneal cells

What is a acanthamoeba?
This parasite is found worldwide in:
Sea water
hot tubs
drinking water systems
swimming pools
air conditioning and humidifiers
Acanthamoeba keratitis is the most common disease caused by a ameba parasite. Keratitis primarily affects a majority of those whom wear conact lenses but it also affects those who don't wear contacts.
What they feed on
eye examination
slit-lamp exam views the structures of the eye
examining the ameba by a process called confocal microscopy
tear samples and cells from cornea
Where Acanthamoeba is found
What does acanthamoeba do to its host?
This parasite ameba, can cause rare, but severe infections of
the eye
centrel nervous system

It gets into the body through:
skin wounds
contact lens use

Most people will be exposed to acanthamoeba during their lifetime but very few will become sick from this exposure.
Is an infection of the eye that can result in permanent visual impairment or blindness. is caused when the amoeba infects the transparent, outer covering of the eye, known as the cornea
The symptoms of Acanthamoeba Keratitis:
eye pain
redness of eyes
blurred vision
sensation to something in the eye
excessive tearing
The lifecycle
Tests and Diagnosis
eye medications
antiviral/antibiotic eyedrops
corneal transplant
visit the eye care!
wash hands before touching contacts or your eyes
remove contact lenses before any activity
clean contact lenses carefully and replace them
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