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Compliment/complement by: Hannah ruff

No description

Hannah Ruff

on 14 April 2015

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Transcript of Compliment/complement by: Hannah ruff

Compliment- Noun
An expression of praise, commendation, or admiration
Ex: 1) Kylie gave Hannah a compliment.
2) She complimented her dress.
Examples being used correctly
1. He
ed her new haircut.
2. They got a
on their group project from the teacher.
3. A
to a 40 degree angle is a 50 degree angle.
4. Once all the siblings arrived home, the family was
Your Turn!!
I had the answers here but then I realized that you would be able to see them, so they are on the next slide.
Complement- Noun and Verb: Sometimes Adj
Something that completes or makes perfect
Ex: A dessert is a complement to a perfect night.
Compliment/complement by: Hannah ruff
1. There is a full
of passengers on the plane
2. She
the decorations at the party.
3. Her boss gave her a
complement/ compliment
on her hard work
4. The flowers
the date
Real Answers
1 & 4 complement
2 & 3 compliment
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