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2 Oct. 2012

No description

Mark Gardner

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of 2 Oct. 2012

WORDS edification (n)
tacit (adj)
caricature (n)
analogous (adj) 4-3-2-1 When we went to Africa to build a water supply for a village, the edification I received taught me about treating others well and living life with integrity. edification (n) edify (v)
edifying (v) Moral instruction or learning; self-improvement to become a better human being. Even though it was never declared a rule, there was a tacit understanding in science class that you would not eat the animals we were dissecting. tacit (adj) Describes something that is unspoken or understood without having to be stated verbally. a tacit _____ The political cartoon featured caricatures of Obama and Romney--the drawings exaggerated the most unflattering characteristics of each candidate. caricature (n) A representation of someone that exaggerates their characteristics for comic effect. = cartoon
= character People sometimes say that the human brain is analogous to a supercomputer; it is complex, stores data, and can process information quickly. analogous (adj) Similar in parts or function; comparable analog (n)
analogy (n) = RIGHT WRONG 4-3-2-1 TARGET: I can identify the information I do not understand well and locate resources to help me prepare for Thursday's Lit Element Test. Wednesday & Thursday: SUB writing testing Keep your project at your desk for the moment! Reflection and Self-Assessment: Place a "check" next to the steps you know you did.
Place an "x" next to the steps you know you did not do.
Place a "?" next to the steps you do not know if you did. Questions for reflection: DID YOU... ...use the handout instructions AS YOU WORKED? ...use the examples posted on the website? ...ask for help when you were confused? Did doing (or not doing) these things impact your success on this project? who
why character plot, theme setting plot, irony, point of view theme direct
five methods basic situation, inciting incident, rising action, climax, falling action first person (the narrator says "I")
third person limited (he, she, they, but tied to one character)
third person omniscient (like a god) the eyes through which we see a story verbal (word twist)
situational (situation twist)
dramatic (knowledge twist) Get out the blue sheet... K-W-L
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