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what is included

connor mckenney

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of Cruises

Cruises There are all sorts of stuff included on cruises. On the outside, you can enjoy the fun of carnival cruises
with with water slides and pools, you can even sun tan. Plus you can scuba dive and swim with the fish. And enjoy your nights with fireworks
and deck parties. And even get off the boat and explore the world. and now for the inside... Even what you can find inside
your room is awesome. Plus, your room comes with room service, that's pretty awesome too. When you wake up, you can choose
whatever you want for breakfast. And throughout the day you can relax
the day in refreshing pools and hot tubs. while
to some of the
top forty
bands on
the cruises. And when you want to have fun,you can do a lot of cool stuff, like learn how to napkin fold or play
pool side games and wine tasting. adults And when you feel too warm,
there are cold cruises too. When you get hungry for dinner,
you have a lot of choices too. So when your parents are thinking on going on a
vacation, you should tell them to go on a cruise. By: Connor McKenney Thank you for watching By: Connor McKenney I have been on a cruise before and
its amazing, you can even get all the free pop you you want, any time you want.
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