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No description

Seven of Diamonds

on 26 February 2014

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Transcript of WHAT

Why I Chose TS
I Wanted to do something different.
I like the concept.
I Heard this song and liked it straight away and learned it on the uke.
Vance Joy
Vance Joy Born on Unknown
His real name is James Keogh
He started in 2013 and made his first debut album(God loves You when you're dancing) Which was very popular in the US/AUS but sadly in germany the name caused problems.
He has signed with WB for videos and with Liberation music.
He has won 3 ARI awards

TRAM SESSIONS started of when alot of live music venues were cancelled in melbourne.
They were inspired by The Black Cab Sessions / The Take Away Shows / Shoot the player.
The founder Nick wanted to make good live music spontanious.
He wanted to make a melbourne black cab thing and since trams are a melbourne transport tram sessions was founded.
Nick and a Friend Charter trams and have somebody play but the audience doesnt know who's playing.
I think that tram sessions should be done internationally to encourage live music and show how mobile live music is. I also like that some people don't know certain artists so they just think that this person is a homeless guy who is just good.
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