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Wine Blogs in Taiwan

Master Thesis Defense

Ming-Yi Chou

on 27 March 2018

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Transcript of Wine Blogs in Taiwan

Responding to the questions
Respond to Q1
What are their topics?
How many/What wine brands and regions did the blog mention?
How many advertisements? Are they wine related?
Table 2. advertisement in wine blog
Where are the wines mentioned in the blog posts from?
Fig 4. percentage of wine country origin
Wine Blogs in Taiwan:
How people talk about wine through a new marketing channel?
Master Thesis Defense
Master in Wine Business
Burgundy School of Business
by Ming-Yi Chou
Previous approach
study -> understanding -> application
Questions to be answer
Q1. What are the types of wine blog in Taiwan?
Q2. What are their topics?
Q3. How many ads? Are they wine related?
Q4. How many wine brands and regions did the blog mention?
Q5. What are the brands and regions mentioned in blog?
Blog Post Analysis
Data Collection
Front Page Analysis
+ Search engine
+ Chinese Traditional
+ Taiwanese Author
- Newsletter, magazine, suspended
= 67 wine blogs
1. General information

2. Blog type

3. Topic category

4. Advertisement
1. General information
2. Wine type mentioned
3. Country of origin
4. Brand mentioned
5. Region mentioned
Blog Types
Blog Topics
Brands & Regions
Country of Origin
Previous Approach - Blog
Blog in Web 2.0
Blog as a Marketing Channel
Blog Types
Wine Blog Categories
Wine Blog Credibility
The definition of web 2.0 (Kaplan and Haenlein, 2010)
NM Incite tracked over 181 million blogs around the world by the end of 2011(NielsenWire, 2012).
The role of blog in the age of Web 2.0.
The definition of blog.
ranked 4th most used marketing tool

ranked 2nd marketers want to know more about

61% of marketer use blog as a marketing channel

68% of marketer will increase their blog activity
Previous Approach - Wine Blog
There are no studies about:
Wine Blogs written other than English
Wine blogs in a developing market
Diary blog
or personal blog

can be a mixture of diary and guide sites, and can be written under different form and types (Tremayne, 2007).
Collaborate blog
is posted by several individuals focus on a specific topic (Holtz and Demopoulos, 2006 cited in Andersson et al. 2007).
Company blog
is a blog owned, established and supervised by a group of business domain with primary purpose of commerce.
(Tach, 2010)
The force of online WOM.
Three dimensions of trusting beliefs: ability, benevolence, and integrity (Mayer et al. 1995).
Bloggers manage consumer trusting beliefs emphasizing on ability over other dimensions (Doyle et al. 2011).
Taiwanese wine market
Ranked 4th in Asia by consumption.
Wine Blogs
Search engine result grown 10 times in the recent year.
The definition of win blog.
The number of wine blogs has grown from 1 to over 700 in the past decade (Yarrow, 2009).
15.78 million Kg with more than 110 million USD
(Taiwan Directorate General of Customs, Ministry of Finance, 2011)
Chinese speaking and Traditional Chinese writing
by content analysis
by content analysis
What are the types of wine blog in Taiwan?
Fig 1. frequency of each type of wine blog
Fig 2. detail division of company wine blog
Respond to Q2
Table 1. wine blog categories by frequency
Fig 3. topic categories comparison of company and non-commercial wine blogs
Respond to Q3
Respond to Q4
Country of origin
Table 3. frequency of regions mentioned in wine blogs
Table 4. frequency of wine type-brand mentioned in wine blogs
Table 5. brands mentioned more than once
Conclusion and Implication
Wine blogs provide broad function for readers

Advertisements optimization

Brands are internationally well-known

Big names dominant

Groups need to put in more effort

Limitation and future perspectives

Thanks for your listening
(Stelzner, 2012)
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