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iPad Basics for Students

Students will be able identify and locate the physical features of an iPad.

C Meyer

on 16 September 2015

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Transcript of iPad Basics for Students

iPad Basics for Students
The Buttons
The Gestures
The Camera
The Taskbar
One finger
Swipes screens and selects apps
Hold on app to move or delete
Hold on app in taskbar to close
Selects any button or link within an app
Swipe up from bottom middle to bring up taskbar
Swipe down from top in between apps to bring up search
Three Fingers
Zoom in/Zoom out (must be enabled)
Four/Five fingers
Pinch in when an app is open to close app
Swipe left to right when in an app to navigate quickly between apps
Front facing/rear facing view
Camera vs. Video
Camera Roll
Sharing photos
Home Button
Once to…
Exit an open app and return to home screen
Twice to…
Bring up Taskbar of open apps
Swipe apps up to close

Volume Buttons
Power Button
Hold to power off
Lock iPad to sleep

Button Tricks
Home + Power = Screenshot
Volume adjust takes picture when Camera app is open

Up and down to adjust
Take picture (in camera mode)
Swipe up from bottom middle to reveal
Lock screen rotation
Adjust brightness and volume
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