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Character Feelings and Traits

Be a detective...understand your characters!

Catherine Cook

on 5 November 2012

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Transcript of Character Feelings and Traits

In Review... Some feelings may include:

Joyous Surprised Content
Jealous Excited Relaxed
Scared Frustrated Nervous
Confused Embarrassed Determined
Ashamed Anxious Focused
Angry Happy Brave A character's feelings are determined by the ACTIONS and SURROUNDINGS around them. Someone whispers in Mrs. Dunn's ear. She laughs hysterically until tears are falling down her cheeks. Mrs. Dunn must FEEL:
1. Angry
2. Content
3. Happy
4. Sleepy

HOW DO YOU KNOW?! Test Your Skills! Character TRAITS A character's TRAITS describe WHO the character is on the INSIDE. Their TRAITS describe the kind of person your character is. Traits are usually descriptive adjectives that tell us the specific qualities of a character. They're the kind of words we may use to describe ourselves or others. A character's traits are usually seen through their ACTIONS! What TRAITS does the character possess? George was walking down the street when he saw and elderly man slowly crossing the road. Out of the corner of George's eye, he saw a large semi-truck headed towards the intersection. George knew it couldn't stop in time, so he ran towards the old man, pushing him towards the curb and out of harms way, just before the truck barreled past the spot the man was just standing at.

Based off George's ACTIONS, how would you describe George's character TRAITS? A character's feelings are an emotional response to the actions taking place around them. Feelings can easily change.

A character's TRAITS tell us who the character is on the INSIDE. Traits are usually determined by their ACTIONS, and how they respond to situations that arise in the story.

Now...see if you can identify the character TRAITS in the following read aloud. Understand your key players! Character Feelings and
Traits Character Feelings How can you identify a character's feelings? 1. Put yourself "in their shoes"
3. Consider the situation they are in.
4. Think about how other character's are acting or interacting with your chosen character. Try it again! Harry walked into the dark, silent forest. He could sense the darkness closing in around him. He felt like somebody, or something, was watching him. He knew what he had to do, even if it risked him never coming out alive.
Harry must FEEL:
1. Relieved
2. Confused
3. Brave
4. Hungry Examples of CHARACTER TRAITS Honest Greedy Selfish
Kind Generous Respectful
Brave Independent Shy
Nosy Bossy A leader
A follower Smart Rude
Careful Clumsy Helpful Try it Again! As Lauren walked down the street, she saw a $50 bill drop from a woman's purse. Lauren could easily walk up to the woman and return the money, but she picked it up, looked around to see if anyone noticed her, and walked in the other direction.

How would you describe Lauren's
character TRAITS? Traits...continued The author may tell us about a character's traits directly, but more often the author will show us the traits in action.
- Our job as readers is to draw a conclusion or INFER a character's traits.
- You can do this by thinking about what the character SAYS, THINKS, and DOES.
- We might infer a character trait from something a character does only once, or we may use a series of things a character says and does.
TRY IT AGAIN! Harry Potter has chased Malfoy when he takes Neville's Rememberall, runs to warn Hermione about the Mountain Troll on Halloween night, and works to protect the Sorcer's Stone and keep it away from Lord Voldemort. You could say that Harry's character TRAITS could be...
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