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Lean Production: What does it mean?

Impact Retreat 2010 - Ryan McCallum

erick walder

on 23 February 2011

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Transcript of Lean Production: What does it mean?

what does it mean? Erick and Clint Lean Production doing more with less History of Manufactoring? Failure! Cheat codes Challenge authority Get involved. now! Try your hardest to succeed Benefits of lean production Have a positive attitude, get involved, and don’t procrastinate because it WILL bite you in the butt! Never be afraid to try new things, EVER. Girls dominate the game of school. BY By definition: An integrated set of activities designed to achieve a high level of production using minimal resources to produce goods and services in consistent pursuit in the elimination of wastes. Traditional way of thinking scheduling lead times batch sizes inspection lay out empowerment inventory turns push forcast long large batch and queue sampling inspection low low functional low production heavy stock flexibilty Areas of focus: cost waste reduction production cost reduction labor reduction inventory reduction increased capacity higher quality higher profits higher flexibility more strategic focus improved cash flows through improved shipping and billing frequencies quality delivery safety morale Just as mass production was the production method for the 20th century,lean production is the new system for the 21th century. Lean production is about culture: a way of thinking that involves the entire organization from top to bottom. Understanding the customers' needs and delevering without wastes. key features of lean production reduce set up times small lot production employee involvement quality at the source pull/jit continous equipment maintenance multi skilled workforce supplier involvement work harder and longer
add more people and equipment no loyalty to supliers THE elimination of wastes over production inventory waiting motion transpotation rework over processing
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