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Mobile Applications

No description

Lindsey Jones

on 17 September 2013

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Transcript of Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications
by Lindsey Jones and Morgan Browne

Mobile Apps 101
A mobile app is software that is designed to run on a mobile device like a tablet, smartphone, or other mobile device
Some are free, some are purchased
Widely available on several "app stores"
Apps Taking Over Everyday Life!
-Today, over half of U.S. adults own smart phones
-Android (now Google Play), Amazon, Blackberry, Windows and more have joined Apple's App Store as App Distributors.
-As a result, more people began using apps to socialize, map out their traveling route, create budgets, etc.
Apps Being Used in the Classroom
-Google applications: allows students to collaborate and share documents online
-Mobile Mouse Pro: remote for smart board and computer
-Evernote: organizes class notes
-Quizlet: flash cards
-Edmodo: share notes, files, assignments, facilitates communication
Apps in Other Industries: Healthcare
- Mobile apps now provide patients (and healthcare professionals) with easy, convenient access to health information
- Patients can have the ability to use mobile apps to count calories, be reminded of when to take their medications, keep in touch with doctors and medical assistants, and even research their insurance options
- Medical Professionals can use these apps to track patient symptoms and the progress of their treatments
Apps In Other Industries: Business
-Google calendar: virtual agenda, makes your schedule easy to share with co-workers, boss, employees
-Skype: enables people to have "virtual business conferences"
-Biz Expense: creates mobile expense reports for business people
Why Apps?
-Apps are being used in many industries because:
Make it easy to stay connected with push notifications
Provide easy access to advanced mobile technology
Overall mobility of apps; they are designed specifically for mobile devices
Large variety
Apps in Education
- Teachers now utilize a variety of mobile apps within the classroom
- Many schools have also began technology-sharing programs that are equipped with iPads, ipods, netbooks, and much more!
Doximity: This is a professional social networking site for physicians that allows them to find contact information such as fax numbers, to communicate with each other, and provides small practices the opportunity to spread their name.
Mango Health: This app lets patients monitor their use of medications, helps them avoid combinations that could be hazardous to their health, allows users to set schedules for taking their medication, with reminders through banner push notifications or alarm tones.
Asthmapolis: In conjunction with a sensor that people can place on their inhaler, this app sends information to mobile phones. This data can then be used by doctors to better monitor asthma symptoms.
-Many industries are using
mobile apps to enhance
their field.
-These industries include
(but are not limited to)
education, health care, and
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