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Allergy Alert!

No description

Jillian D

on 2 April 2013

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Transcript of Allergy Alert!

ALLERGY ALERT! What is Allergy Alert? Allergy Alert is an app that helps you scan ingredient lists, and will notify you if what you are about to consume contains your allergy or dietary restriction. kcjvhkfsdjvxc What is Allergy Alert? ! How Does It Work? How does Allergy Alert work? Allergy Alert can be used easily by taking pictures, scanning bar codes, or searching the brand name or restaurant you are eating at. Allergy Alert will give you speedy results. When the results come up, just click on the item you are about to consume, and Allergy Alert will give you nutrition facts and will search the item's ingredient list for you. Why does this problem
to be solved? Why does this problem
need to be solved? One in five people have allergies in the United States. This means that in a class of 30 students, at least six students have food allergies.That affects a lot of people. Ask a few of our designers who have allergies. None of them like to read through the entire ingredient list. That is why this should be solved. Our community, North Aurora, has around 4,000 inhabitants. So, there are at least 800 people in our community with allergies. Instead of solving the problem with allergies, we tried to help the problem by making it easier to deal with. STEM STEM How it Connects STEM is incorporated into Allergy Alert, whether you know it or not.
Allergy Alert uses technology to help you.
Most people would say,
"Well, it's an app, duh!"
This app will save you time, and possibly you, or a loved one's life.
Some foods, like fruit snacks, have artificial flavorings which contains chemicals that some people are allergic to. Allergy alert will notify you if there are natural or artificial ingredients.
This app uses OCR (optical character recognition) to recognize foods and ingredient lists that you scanned. Real Life Examples We asked some real people if Allergy Alert
would be some thing they would want.
They all said yes. We asked people with multiple different allergies including gluten, nuts, eggs and dairy how this app would help their lives. They all agreed on one thing; Allergy Alert not only made looking for ingredients easier but also their families (and their own) lives easier. Vegans, Diabetics, etc Allergy Alert even works for people
that don't have allergies but rather dietary restrictions or some other kind of medical condition, such as diabetes, if you are on a diet, or if you are vegan or vegetarian. What if you don't have allergies? Is Allergy Alert an app
for you? Is Allergy Alert for You? If you have any food allergies or a special diet then this IS for you! In fact, you don't even need to have allergies. You could just use it for fun. Really, this would be a great addition to your app library. Written by Anna Chaurize age 12 Designer &
Katherine Lopez age 12 Writer
One of our designers is lactose intolerant and she stated that there were times she missed the word 'milk' and let's just say she didn't have the greatest time later on when the effects kicked in. This is one of the main reasons why we chose to create this app; to help people like her that suffer due to allergies that made a small mistake.
~Olive Manning age 11, Founder and Editor Results Written by Kayla Hardersen age 11 Designer
I would like to eat chocolate, cheese, and ice cream. When I eat these items, my stomach is sensitive and won’t digest it right, and I throw up. I don't like checking ingredient lists for dairy. If there was an app, I would definitely get it. I think that Allergy Alert would be very good for me, and I would definitely get it so I don’t have to check for any dairy.
~Mielye Hardersen age 8, sister of Designer. Scan and Search Main Menu Evelea Solgos age 11, Designer.
My name is Evelea and I have Celiac Disease. I was diagnosed on my third birthday, after many blood tests and trips to the doctor’s office. I guess you could say I’ve had allergies my whole life. Just because I only have very faint memories of being able to eat gluten doesn’t mean I don’t miss it. I feel bad at friends’ houses and restaurants for having to awkwardly check everything before I eat it. Over the years I’ve become a human scanner and can check labels in seconds, but I don’t like it. Allergy Alert would be able to do the scanning for me. One part I really like is that I can search the restaurant, so I don’t have to ask a lot of different people when we go out to eat anymore. Allergy Alert will make enjoying food a whole lot easier for so many people, including me!
~Evelea Solgos age 11, Designer. "I'm Pescetarian, this means I don't eat red meat and poultry but I still eat fish and seafood. This app would definitely help me find out if I can eat certain things or not. Food packages never say whether something is pescetarian or not. Allergy Alert would be a huge help!"
~Anna Chaurize age 12, Designer THANK-YOU FOR WATCHING! :) Allergy Alert ! Written by Evelea Solgos, age 11
I have four kids. Two have allergies. Between the two, they are allergic to eggs, nuts, gluten and dairy. It’s very hard to find food; I can seldom find all the food I need in one store. I have two big challenges; price and convenience of allergy friendly food. Looking through ingredient lists is majorly inconvenient. There have been a lot of advances in food labeling, but I still need to check each product because ingredients change. I literally check every label of every food I buy each time I make a food purchase. Also, asking restaurant workers for allergy information is a complex problem! I hate bothering restaurant managers and/or servers about allergy information. Also, sometimes servers do not have training in this area and can’t answer my questions or think they know the answer and serve food that actually does contain the unwanted ingredient. I would absolutely use Allergy Alert. Anything that saves time in the grocery store and ensures the safety of my kids is a huge plus for me.
~Mrs. Solgos, Mother of Editor Evelea Solgos This App was designed by
Silver Sky™ Studios Thanks for Watching! About Us About Us Please thank the following people for this app:
Screen Storyboard Designer
Anna Chaurize, age 12
Screen Designers
Kayla Hardersen, age 11
Amy Guo, age 11
Essay Writers
Jillian Druzgala, age 11
Katherine Lopez, age 12
Essay Editors
Evelea Solgos, age 11
Olive Manning, age 11
Anna Chaurize, age 12
Jillian Druzgala, age 11
Katherine Lopez, age 12
Kayla Hardersen, age 11
Amy Guo, age 11
Evelea Solgos, age 11
Olive Manning, age 11

And our founder, the one who made this app possible,
Olive Manning, age 11 Diabetes Do you have diabetes, and are still unsure if
Allergy Alert is for you? Well, to clear things up, Allergy Alert is for you! This app will scan your ingredient list, along with the nutrition facts. You can program that you're diabetic and Allergy Alert will notify you how much sugar there are in a product.
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