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melike yoldas

on 28 March 2013

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Melike & James CATNAP PET PRODUCTS SUPPLY CHAIN Supply Chain is about getting a specific product to the correct location, at the time specified, at the best price and in the best possible condition but what worked a year ago might not be the best approach today.

Given its volume growth and supply chain process changes, what technology challenges will CPP face? TECHNICAL PROBLEMS A local survey conducted by Microsoft Australia in 2004 found 20 % of small businesses spend at least 10 hours a week coping with technology-related issues.

What do we take from this CATNAP MISSION “At Catnap Pet Products we sell only the best quality pet products to you with services that you can rely on. We aim to accommodate all sizes of cats and dogs with our attractive and functional variety of products.” RECENTLY PETCO & Target: proposed to carry the Catnappers product line
Can they sustain this volume?
What changes would this require?
Would take averaged annual sale of 50,000 units to 250,000 units WE'VE CONSIDERED DATA LOSS
70% of small firms that experience a major data loss go out of business within a year
As the number of workers increase, theft and loss can become more prevalent too
34% of small and mid size businesses admitted that they have lost a company laptop and some of those laptops contain information that have not been backed up in the office. (Insight UK Survey, 2009).

In many cases security may not seem important but it should always be the first item on the checklist as the impact can be more detrimental than it looks.

Nearly 40% of the PCs in small businesses are more than 3 years old, and a large percentage of them are running older operating systems such as Windows XP As the scope of the CPP supply chain expands, which information technology capabilities will be most important for the company to pursue? Operating successfully since 2006
Difference: synthetic wicker kennels not traditional wire
Materials sourced from several countries
Attractive and functional
Accommodates all size cats and dogs
Via Internet http://catnapping.ca
Open to business opportunities COMPANY BACKGROUND Catnap Pet Products needs to consider Supply Chain Information System (SCIS).
- Internet; EDI and Softwares. Supply Chain Information system automates the flow of information between firms and its suppliers to optimise the planning, sourcing, manufacturing, and delivery of product and services.
Adding to the addition, SCIS also has the capability to collect and synchronise data, manage exceptions and streamline key processes among other capabilities. What is Supply Chain Information System (SCIS)? Using the Internet provides a platform for supply chain activities to be carried out in an instantaneous manner at maximum performance. Which can increase efficiency of the supply chain process. LEVERAGING THE INTERNET Placing orders
Fast communications and services Using Electronic Data Transfer (EDI) as a platform to share information amongst collaborating parties quickly at low costs.

Organisation have access to supply chain softwares over the internet, instead of running their own network which can be costly. Examples of Leveraging Internet Properly trained staff to use the tool accurately is critical. DISADVANTAGES OF THE INTERNET From an information sharing standpoint, how will the requirements of PETCO and Target differ from CPP’s current customer base? How should CPP respond to these requirements? Sourcing from another manufacturer in a different country that can push more quantities = China. Using an ocean container services to ship to the nations dock. Using third-party logistics (3PL) company to warehouse the inventories and deliveries to PETCO and Target. However, the CPP would continue to serve its current customers through existing facilities and processes in Canada for smaller quantities. What type(s) of software will be most beneficial for CPP to adopt? Why? Anti-virus software Protect your data and information Microsoft Office Create database with Microsoft Access for CRM
Microsoft Excel for Accounting
Microsoft Outlook for e-mail orders and other enquiries Backup & recovery (Network Attached Storage) Prevents loss of data during downtime People are the determinates of the success and failure of SCIS. THANK YOU! Grazie! Danke! Efkaristo! Xie xie! Teşekkürler! Sukriya! Dankie! Gracias!
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