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Rime Magic

No description

Laura Weiss

on 7 December 2013

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Transcript of Rime Magic

Reinforcement Activities
Highlight the Rimes
Guided Reading
Where's My Rime
Stand-up Rimes
Long Vowel Spelling
Syllable Activity
Greek Roots
Sentence Activity
Rime Hunt
Sharon Zinke
A former classroom teacher, resource specialist, and reading specialist for students in elementary, middle school and high school.
Instructor at UC Berkeley Extension for 8 yrs, Educational Institution and taught a courses for teachers: Classroom-Tested Reading Techniques, a RICA preparation course, and the CAL-PIP program for teacher interns.
Now works as a Literacy Consultant/Reading Intervention Specialist for her company, Zinke Reading Solutions.

Designed to strengthen decoding skills in readers
Students are taught to focus on the middle of the word (the rime after the onset) to decode the word
Each activity in the intervention program takes no more than 10 min.
A teacher can easily implement the program for whole-class instruction,one-on-one tutoring, or for small-group intervention.

Steps of Rime Magic
Step 1: Review Short Vowels
Step 2: Spell One-Syllable Words With Magic Rimes
Step 3: Add Common Inflectional Endings
Step 4: Spell Two-Syllable Words With Magic Rimes
Step 5: Time for Embedded Rimes
Step 6: The Rest of the Rimes
Step 7: The Real Word of Reading and Writing

Implementation Schedule
Cost & Materials
Independent Research
Program Research
Book ( The Decoding Solution: R.M. & Fast Success for Struggling Readers) currently costs $15.28 on Amazon
Introductory Offer for R.M. Card Kit (includes book)​ $89.00 sold on her website
$900 for day of training/literacy consulting

Onset-rime easier to learn
Consistency of vowel sound in rime
Significant improvements with phoneme blending
Variety of strategies necessary for children to read
Able to apply rime strategies to unfamiliar words.

Results collected for Lorin Eden

Elementary 2012-2013
Improvements in fluency and word recognition
Grades 1-6
Short term intervention (5 months)
Continues to implement in curriculum
Intervention program

Each activity: 10 minutes
Each session: two steps and an reinforcement activity.
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