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Transportation Impacts

Discover the impacts of transportation systems and decisions on you, your community and the environment. Click the play button at the bottom of the screen to start the presentation, and click on the screen to move from slide to slide.

Omar Bhimji

on 20 September 2011

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Transcript of Transportation Impacts

Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Air Pollution / Air Quality
Infrastructure / Roads
Transportation of Stuff
Road traffic is the main cause of poor air quality in Canada.
Poor air quality can have serious effects on human health. It principally affects the body's respiratory system and the cardiovascular system – the lungs and the heart.
Air quality is often at its worst. . .
... inside the car!
When it comes to fighting climate change, reducing our transportation impacts is by far the biggest step Canadians can take.
Transportation accounts for more than 1/4 of Canada's GHG emissions – and 40% of BC's emissions.
Transportation emissions represent more than 1/2 of our personal GHG emissions.
As a Country/Province
Two-thirds of Canadian children and youth are not active enough to develop a strong foundation for future health and well-being.
Children who are physically active are healthier and perform better at school. An inactive lifestyle deprives a child of these benefits, while making them more susceptible to a host of illnesses, from mental illness to obesity to heart disease.
Only 13% of Canadian kids are getting the recommended 90 minutes of physical activity a day.
(these guys may not be having much of an environmental impact, but. . .)
In Canada, GHG emissions from personal vehicles have increased by 15% since 1990. . . but emissions from transportation of freight (food and stuff) have increased by over 60%.
The average meal travels 2400km to your plate*.
Most of the environmental impacts of transportation come from the burning of fossil fuels. But the impacts of oil don't just come from burning it – exploration, retrieval, processing and transportation of fossil fuels all have serious impacts on the environment.
Every year, 7 billion (7,000,000,000) litres of oil end up in the world's oceans. Only 5% of that comes from oil spills.
The fossil fuel (oil) industry is the 2nd largest contributor to Canadian GHG emissions, just behind. . .
Over the past 50 years more Canadians have been killed by cars than in World War I and World War II combined
Traffic collisions are the leading cause of serious injury and death among young people in Canada.
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Canada has nearly 900,000 kilometres of road - enough to circle the globe 22 time
Every year, Canada spends around 20 billion$, or 10% of its annual budget, on building and maintaining roads.
Automobiles and driving are a fact of life for most Canadians. But as useful as they are in our day to day lives, they're causing a host of problems and affecting our communities, our health and our environment. Maybe it's all the smog in the air, but for many Canadians the impacts of our transportation habits aren't clear. This quick presentation will introduce you to some of the impacts - both big and small - of our transportation systems and decisions.
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