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No description

Viellka Villadolid

on 23 September 2012

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states that technology - specifically, media - decisively shapes how individuals think, feel and act and how societies organize themselves and operate. Technological Determinism "The medium is the message." Marshall McLuhan Media History of
Human Civilization oral tradition reigned
communication consisted of face-to-face interactions
dominant sense - hearing Tribal Era invention of the phonetic alphabet
written communication
gain information privately
requires less memory
dominant sense - sight Literate Era Johann Gutenberg invented the printing press
first mechanism for mass-production
print thousands of copies of a single book at a moderate cost Print Era Hot and Cool Media include relatively sensory data
require little involvement from us
encourage individuals to be passive

radio, printed material, photographs, film Hot Media demand participation, involvement and mental activity
from our part
require imagination, effort and emotional involvement

telephone conversation, interactive computer games Cool Media Thank you! invention of the telegraph
people can communicate with each other across great distances
"global village" Electronic Era VILLADOLID, Viellka J.
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