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Pony and Steve

No description

Malyjah Rivera

on 9 October 2014

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Transcript of Pony and Steve

Physical Description
Steve Randall has...
Dark brown hair
Long hair
Brown eyes
He is 17 years old
He is a buff guy
and he is tall and lean
Character Traits
Steve has been Soda-pops best friend since grade school. Steve is a seventeen year old greaser who works at a gas station and he knows a lot about cars. He is cocky yet an intelligent person and he doesn't like Ponyboy, Soda-pop's brother.
Type of Conflict
Character Traits
Pony boy is a 14 year old Greaser. He has two older brothers and is the youngest in his group of friends ( The Greasers). Pony's parents had died in a car wreck, so his brother raised him. He is an intelligent person and he is a grate runner. Also he has a short temper. (page 108).
Ponyboy's symbol is Sunsets. I chose Sunsets because Sunsets never disappoint you and they light up your day even if you had a bad one. That's exactly how Johnny is. Also his favorite poem mentions Sunsets.
Physical Description
Ponyboy has...
Dark brown hair
Greenish-grey eyes
long hair
He's very scrawny
and he is 14 years old
Ponyboy and Steve by Malyjah Rivera
Type of Conflict
" Nothing gold can stay.
I was remembering a poem I read once. "
page 77
Steve has been in tons of fights. He once took 5 guys at once all by himself and a broken bottle. This is an example of Character vs Character.
Braeden Lemasters
Ponyboy Gets dragged into a murder and doesn't know what to do, so him and Johnny, the one who killed Bob to defend himself, run away to an abandoned church. Ponyboy also get involved in a rumble which was Greasers vs Soc. These are both examples of Character vs Character.
A symbol for Steve would be a Broken Bottle. I chose a Broken bottle because a Broken Bottle is dangerous and can hurt you and thats how Steve is. The dude took five guys with a broken bottle.
"What are you doing walking by your lonesome."
page 13
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