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Thirteen Reasons Why

No description

Taylor Book

on 8 January 2014

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Transcript of Thirteen Reasons Why

The conclusion of the book is really moving. Clay has been deeply affected by Hannah's tapes and instead of wallowing in his anxiety, he takes some action. He puts asides fears about his reputation and reaches out to Skye Miller, potentially saving another young girl from Hannah's fate. We cant know for sure how this turns out; we only hear him say her name at the end, but its a satisfying conclusion that makes us feel like Hannah's death was not in vain.
It leaves us with suspense because we want to know what happens next. What happens to the twelve people on the tapes? Does Jessica report her rape? Is Mr. Porter fired? Or maybe he quits? Does Bryce realize the major error of his ways? These questions haunt us more and more as Hannah's accusations pile up.

Hannah was all about setting. Her tapes even came with a map. She wanted the people on her list to not only listen to her story, but to walk in her shoes. Of course, the people on the list had already been to most of the local places, but she wanted them to experience their setting in a new way- from her point of view.
The story begins when Clay Jensen receives a package of seven audiotapes recorded by Hannah Baker, a girl he knew who recently killed herself. We know from the very beginning that it wasn't an easy book to read: it was filled with difficult concepts , sad stories, and emotional trauma.
According to Hannah the people on her tapes are to blame for her suicide. Clay is obviously on the tapes, but he can't see why. He's compelled to listen to find out, but the idea ties his brain in knots. This conflict stays with him through the entire book, and will probably stay with him for the rest of his life.
The different places in Hannah's life were actually a lot like the people she knew; threatening, uncomfortable, and not at all what they're supposed to be. The locations on her map are where things went wrong since she began high school as the new kid in town.
Some of the Thirteen Reasons Why's flavor comes from it's realistic setting. We feel like all the places that Clay and Hannah describe could really exist- anywhere. This community could be just about any small city. But as it turns out, author Jay Asher says that the story is based on the real California city where he grew up: San Luis in the U.S.A. Places like the Crestmont Theater and Monet's Cafe are based on the real thing.
When Clay finally gets to his tape, Hannah reveals that she doesn't actually blame him for her suicide. But Clay is starting to realize that even though he didn't do anything bad to Hannah, he let rumors about her stand in the way of their relationship. If he hadn't held back, he might have been able to make a positive difference in her life. This idea complicates Clay's whole outlook on the life; nothing is the way he thought it was before he started listening to the tapes.
There are 12 people who caused Hannah to end her life because of the 13 reasons.
The 13 reasons are stories about the people's role's in Hannah's life: it includes what they did to her, who they were to her and the ending result.
Hannah's death and Clay's possible roles in it was hard for him to take. He knows Hannah's decision was an act of self-destruction and he's angry that he didn't do anything to stop it. The normally passive Clay, gets so mad he punches a fence and cuts his hand. All of the emotion that has been building up inside him is finally released.
After staying up all night with the tapes, Clay decides he has to face the music and go to school. He risks running into other kids on the tapes and worst of all Mr. Porter, but he decides to go. At least we know he will be able to move on with his life, even if it's tough.
Thirteen Reasons Why has actually saved lives. How often can a book stake that claim to fame? By touching teens who are suicidal and making sure those who aren't are more sensitive to their peers; Jay Asher has inspired a huge amount of people. The book is actually a best seller and has won many awards.
That's not to say that this book will give you any easy answers about suicide, or that it represents the way all suicidal people think, feel, or act. Instead, it starts a coversation about a controversial topic that many of us will face at some point in our lives. In her tapes Hannah complains, "a thorough discussion of suicide did not begin in our class". The novel argues that open, honest dialogue about suicide can help prevent it by providing needed information and empathy for those considering suicide or might know someone suicidal.
The National Institution for Mental Health states that suicide was the tenth leading cause of death in US in 2007. But get this - it was the third leading cause of death for people between the ages of 15 and 24. This is incredibly sad, but it's our reality. And books like Thirteen Reasons Why allow us to face the grim reality and hopefully do our part to make a change.
I recommend the book to people who like an intense read. The book was great but very emotional. This book will make you feel things such as anger and sadness, about the story in general, and the characters themselves and their actions to follow. I really loved this book and I recommend you read it because you would love it too!
Presented By: Taylor Book
Written By: Jay Asher
``In the end everything matters...`` Hannah Baker
Christina`s World by Andrew Wyeth
I feel like this painting relates to my book the most unlike any other art piece out there. I feel like the girl lying in the grass is Hannah, who looks alone and desperate for help. But no one comes to the girls rescue.
Jay Asher
About the Author

Finding Out The Whole Story
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My Opinion About The Book
In conclusion,
Jay Asher was born september 30th 1975 and is 38. He is an American writer of contemporary novels for teens. He has one major publication in the genre of young adult literature. He has two books, Thirteen Reasons Why, and The Future Of Us. Thirteen Reasons Why won New York Times best-selling young-adult fiction novel and many other awards and has received 5 stars from teen book review!
Thirteen Reasons Why Tape
The introduction to the story; Hannah Baker's first tape!
Coming To A Stop
All three books/plays have one thing in common. what is that thing? That one thing in common is death. Death happens in the begging of every book/play and is talked about a lot. In the scottish play, Macbeth kills the king and there is death. In the curious incident of the dog in the night time, the dog Wellington is killed/murdered. Last but not least my book, Thirteen Reasons Why, the main character Hannah commits suicide in the beginning.
Connections to literature
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