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Celtic Mythology


tyler ray

on 23 February 2010

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Transcript of Celtic Mythology

In charge of: Love- Cupid the son of Dagda and Boann Life- Dagda, father of cupid and Balor, one god of death. Gods and Goddesses- Lug- Cupid- Dagda- Balor- Brigit- Morrigan- Celtic Mythology Death- Dagda, Epona, Morrigan, and Balor where is it and how did it divide the world.? this mythology took place in Ireland. Some other irish places was taken place also but Ireland was the main one. the Gree culture divided the world up because the 5 following places invaded Ireland: Cessair
The Fir Bolg
The Tuatha De Danann What was the society like? the society was a worrior societ and divided their people by two groups and they were clans and social groups. Pantheon of Celtic War- Lug and Morrigan Healing- Lug and Brigit Learning- Brigit Sun- Lug and Aimend Fertility- Epona and Danu Water- Epona Metalworking- Brigit Danu- Epona-
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