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Communicating in Groups

No description

heather gerber

on 15 April 2013

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Transcript of Communicating in Groups

in Groups A healthy group is characterized by ethical goals, interdependence, cohesiveness, productive norms, accountability, and synergy Characteristics of
Healthy Groups Forming-the initial stage during which people come to feel valued and accepted Stages of Group
Development Stages of Group
Development Family
Social Friendship Groups
Support Groups
Interest Groups
Service Groups
Work Groups Types of Groups Each group member will be required to speak for 7-9 minutes Group Presentations Must include at least 5 supporting sources Group Presentations Ethical Goals
Develop & Abide by Productive Norms
Synergistic Storming-stage where group clarifies goals and determines roles of each member Norming-stage in which group solidifies its rules for behavior, esp. how conflict will be managed Performing-stage of group development when the skills, knowledge, and abilities of all members are combined to overcome obstacles and meet goals Adjourning-the stage of group development in which members assign meaning to what they have done, and determine how to end or maintain interpersonal relations that have been developed This time can be divided up however each group determines is best for its presentation This presentation will be a culmination of all the speeches we presented this semester. It should contain elements of an informative, special occasion, & persuasive speech. Visual aids are necessary for this presentation (show and tell) graphics for statistics, etc. No required number, but will be graded on visual aid choices made or not made Graded on organization, vocal delivery, content, effective use of body, visual aids, citations, group cohesiveness, and overall delivery. Julie, Breyonna, Leah
Ben & Alex L.
Alex H, Devon, Morgan April 22nd April 26th Eva & Sara
Brandon,Gunnar,Jason April 29th Jake & Nathaniel
Rose & Bhagat
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