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Maddy Pos

on 9 April 2014

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Segregation was not a nesseary thing to put in force and it only made the African Americans feel unequal to the whites. With the solutions that we have proposed it might be able to make every body happy with thier rights. Our possible solutions are integration and free educatioon. Integration would help the most people because it would give them the same rights as the whites giving them access to public areas and services. These solutions would better our soceity. :)
Where the Injustice is Happening
How and why It is Happening
The problem is poverty,not where poor people live.
*15% of Americans or 46.5 million people lived below the poverty line in 2012 and the poor are increasingly isolated across America.
* Between 1970-2009 the proportion of poor families living in poor neighborhoods more than doubled from 8-18% and the trend shows no signs of abating.
*Less advanted communities suffer not just from lack of economic resources but from everything, from higher crime and drop-out rates to higher rates of infant mortold and chronic diseases.

Possible Solutions
First, the comment examines the History of residential racial segregation in America by exploring the role of federal & state governments, exclusionary zoning legislation,& private discrimination in creating and perpetuating the problems associated with segregated housing. Next, the comment addresses the harmful social& economic costs to minorities, particularly African Americans, from decades of segregationist and discriminatory housing policies. Concrete examples of successful inclusionary zoning techniques are offered from a number of u.s. cities.
Essential Question
With people across the US being segregated, how will integration, better and free education resolve the problem for this injustice?
List Of Web Soures
Thank You!
By: Aleny Aguilar, Kimberly Galdamez, Maddy Posadas, And Ryan De la Mora
It is perfectly plausable to expect that in addion,poor people are made poorer by the character of the neighborhood in which they live in.
*Amenities are worse,information about jobs and jobs themselves are less accesiable and peer groups may have negative feedback.
*None of this is implausable but a close examination of the best research available does not reveal any clear evidence to support it.
*Indeed the most scientific evidence there is, from the American mo ving to opportunity program,suggest that in significanct ways some poor people suffer if they move to richer neighborhoods.

Recent research on housing markets has established a powerful reason why the poor tend to be confirmed to the most deprived neighborhoods with the worst schools.
*Highest crime rates and lowest levels of both public and private amenities.All such characteristics of neighborhoods are effectively capitalized in houses prices and rents.
*It cost more to live in nicer neighborhoods. The poor do not choose to live in areas with higher crime rates and worse pollution.
*That is that,the incomes of people determine the character of the neighborhood they can afford to live in.
Segregation happens all over the world. It can take place in neighborhoods, schools, or even in work places. Neighborhoods are segregated sometimes by race, or by how much money the neighborhood has. Areas with the majority of African Americans or lower income households are considered "poor" or "ghetto", when areas with a mojority of whites with higher incomes are named "rich" and "stable". Schools are also segregated whether its by gender or religion. All boy or all girl (private) schools or schools on religion exist because many believe that if children are segregated, they will grow up to be better in life. Work places are segregated too. in some cases, men earn more money than women. Fact-checkers quickly pounced on President Barack Obama for saying women make 77 cents for every dollar a man makes. Unfortunately, no one knows if this 23 cent difference is a result of dicrimination or a hard-to-measure difference between male and female workers.
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