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Liz Thul

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Cyrano

Cyrano De Bergerac Act I Act II Act III Act IV Act V Cyrano Roxanne Visites Roxanne every week in convent.
Cyrano runs a play that makes fun of falsehoods. Reads the letter "Christian" wrote to Roxanne, but it gets dark and he still is reading meaning that hes reading it from memory. ROxanne finds out it was him all along. Says that leafs die gracefully, which is a forshadow to how he will die. Cyrano dies. Lives in a nun's house as a widow.
The letter close to her heart is Christians letter to her, that is stained with blood and tears. Feels the lose of her husband twice because she already thought she lost her husband, but just now she lost her REAL husband. De Guiche Jealous of Cyranos way of life, and mad about how his turned out. Knows that some nobles are planning on killing Cyrano by rolling a log onto his head from above. Cyrano Runs across enemy lines to deliver a message to roxanne, he promised her he would write everyday.
Wants fate to be decided from a better fighter. Cyrano is about to tell Roxanne that it was really him the whole time writing the letters and that he loved her but then he heard a gun fire and was sent out to fight. Cyrano tells Christian (as hes about to die) that told Roxanne about all the lies and he asked her to pick between the men and she picked CHristian. Cyrano says he has to deaths to avenge, his and Christians. Roxanne Arrives at the camp right before battle to possibly say last goodbyes to Christian and Cyrano. Brings Rageneau to the camp along with food in their coach. He prepares a meal for them right before battle. Loved Christian at first, only for his looks but after learning about him she fell in love with his inner self. Christian Asks Roxanne why she came to a battlefeild risking death to see him, she said she couldnt stand being away from him and needed to see him because of his beautiful love letters. Christian dies. De Guiche Waves a flag that signals a Spanish spy to start fire on the battle Rageneau De Guiche Roxanne Cyrano Christian Wife (Lise) ran off with musketeer because Rageneau is poor. Tried to hang himself, Cyrano cut rope just intime and hired Rageneau as Roxannes gaurd. Promoted to Colonel, has power over Cadets (Christian and Cyrano). Favorite intellectual is Christian because of his beautiful words. Roxanne persaudes De Guiche to make Cyrano and Christian behind while everyone else fights. (mainly for their safety) Roxanne kisses De guiche. Says "I love you" to Roxanne. Trying to help Christian prepare for meeting Roxanne by running through some lines but Christian refuses to get help saying he wants to speak to her with his own words. Traveling to the army soon to fight. Roxanne
Christian Cyrano Rageneau Lets poets eat free at his cafe, in exchange for poems. Wife made paper bags out of his poems. Defeat 100 men the night before. Distracts the Deunna with pasties so he can talk to Roxanne. Wrote letter as Christian while it was really Cyrano. Roxanne and Cyrano are cousins and spent childhood summers together. Sees lovers soul through their eyes. Makes christian promise he will protect Christian. Makes joke about Cyranos nose knowing it is Cyranos greatest insecurity. Later Cyrano makes a deal that he'll help Christian with his words twards Roxanne. Cyrano The actor montefleury is preforming (one of Cyranos enemies). People insult Cyranos huge nose.THe thought of having enemies makes Cyrano smile. The deunna tells Cyrano that Roxanne is hoping to meet him and talk later that night, then LIgneire comes in telling Cyrano that 100 men are planning to kill him and needs help, Cyrano agrees. Roxanne Asks Cyrano to meet with her tonight.
Christian loves her, even though he has never talked to her. Setting Is in Hotel de Bourgogne where the play La CLorise is held
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