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kemal ince

on 10 March 2014

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Transcript of Marketing

design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
About Xerox

Microenvironmental Factors
SWOT Analysis
Alternative strategies that Xerox might have followed
Marketing Case Study
Xerox : Adapting to the Turbulent Marketing Environment
070100022 Kemal İNCE
070090013 Süleyman YILDIZ
070090013 Ferit Öner
070100017 Yavuz Selim BOZDEMİR
070100067 Koray ÖZTÜRK
070100052 Kadircan AKYÜZ
070090041 Hasan ÇİVİ
American multinational document management corporation
Known for its introduction of the plain-paper photocopier
Sales of a range of products : White and black printers, color printers, photocopiers, multifunctional systems, digital production printing presses
Also known its invention of the computer mouse and desktop computing
The leading enterprise for document management
The Company

The revenue and profit of company had decreased
CRM weakness (No understanding the customer's needs)
Problem in working with other departments
Before 1990s : Copy Machine Competitors
After 1990s : Document Management System Competitors
The main cause of the decrease of Xerox's profit
They rejected Xerox's products
They were looking for more sophisticated document management solutions
Macroenvironmental Factors
Marketing Intermediaries
Over the phone
Global sal forces
Independent agents
Private dealers
Value added resellers
System integrators
Xerox failed to adapt its technological environment
Product-oriented strategy
Digital documents
The great recession
Value over price products
Decrease on sales and stock price
Post and faxes are replaced by e-mails and document sharing
Business process were getting faster
About Case
Introduced the first plain-paper office copier
Through the late 1990s, its profits and stock price were soaring
Xerox lost some $38 billion market value in only 18 months
New digital environment versus Xerox's products
Outsource Xerox's manufacturing
Renewed its focus on customer
Rethink, redefine and reinvest itself
Developing document management system, instead of selling copiers
The great recession
Broad portfolio of customer focused products, software and services
New era products and processes
Change and renewal are ongoing
Competition Advantage
Business Process
Iconic copier company
Ignorance of marketing environment
Product- oriented strategy
Working with ACS
Big market place
The need of sophisticated document solutions
Strong Competitors
Best Strategy
Best Strategy
Adapting to the environment

Focus on the customers
Broad portfolio
More innovatie
Business process outsourcing
It services
Adapting to the rapidly chancing marketing environment
Going digital as well as maintaning the flagship products
Coming up with more sophisticated document management solution
Being more socialy responsible by introducing silver ink and reusable paper project
Recommandation for the future of Xerox
Expect the unexpected in terms of how the marketing environment will change and how Xerox's products should adapt to that change
Keep up with what is going on in the market
Being the produce and invent new and different products that target diferrent people's expectations and wants
Addressing the financial problems more efficently
Expanding the product line to stay competetive and successful
Thank you for listening
Digital commerce and communication represent a threat
Traditional core business of photocopiers and printing

Keep photocopier products and introduce services
Solution :
Repositioning of the brand
Opportunity :
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