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Competitive Cheerleading

No description

lauren brown

on 9 January 2014

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Transcript of Competitive Cheerleading

Competitive Cheerleading
"Cheerleaders are simply a jump above the rest"
Round 1
Round 2
Round 3
Back walkover
Back Handspring
Back Tuck
Floor mobility (Formations)
vocals (inflection, volume)
jumps (at least two)
team coordination (timing)
difficulty and variety (ripples, swings)
general impression (creativity, confidence, overall)
1 minute and 30 seconds
Compulsory round
Ten-count , skills, general impression
Ten-count (2 years)
Skills: Jumping, Flexibility, and Tumbling (five total)
Must have 10 people
Motion placement, timing, togetherness
1 minute and 30 seconds
Skills,Floor mobility, Vocals, Team Coordination, General Impression
Skills: Variety(15), Difficulty (20), Choreography (10), Execution (20)
Need: Back tucks, twists, OLE
Open round- running tumbling, stunting, etc
team tumble
2 minutes and 30 seconds
Same amount as people as round 1

Legs straight out
Candlesticks (Big O's up)

One leg in front, one tucked behind

Toe Touch:
Both legs out in front
arms in a T
two bases (main- Right Side- Left)
hold flyers feet

Hold flyers ankles

In the air
Hold own weight
stay tight
Half (Elevator):
Bases hold at shoulder height

Full (Extension):
Bases extend arms over their head

Liberty (One- Legged extension)
Flyer stands on one leg
Main base - completely under stunt
Scorpion, scale, heel-stretch
Time infractions:
1 to 5 seconds- 10 point deduction from the total score of that round
6 seconds and more -20 point deduction.

if the minimum amount are not performed it will result in a 7 point deduction

Set, tuck, land
Need certain amount in round 3
Highest points in round 2- (1.4)

Twist down
Pyramids (2+)

round 3- worth 5
Round-off back handspring tuck
Back handspring tuck
Flexibility/tumbling category
Round 2- worth 1.2
Round 3- worth 3
Straight legs
point toes
Concussions- stunting/ tumbling
Breaks, sprains
Neck injuries
65 percent of catastrophic injuries in youth sports occur in cheer
My team: chipped tooth, dislocated finger, neck injury, sprains, multiple concussions
Feet together, pointed toes
sitting position
jump back
handstand-shoulder pop
round 3- worth 3
round 2- worth 1.2
Always have spotters
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