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Asian Project

No description

Dakota Errar

on 30 April 2012

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Transcript of Asian Project

Japan Travel
The Nihon Travel Guide
By Kierra Errar

Mahaffey 3rd

April 23rd 2012
Japan is A diverse land. From its climate to its scape. Your Temperature Comfort zone or target zone is easily available.
Beautiful Land
Osaka is the food capital of Japan.
It is also a very nice tropical city.
Feeling Tropical?
Osaka has a Population
of 2,653,552.
It is not only a food
district. But also a
Shopping district.
The shopping districts of Umeda-波田(also known as Kita-喜多) and Namba-難波(or Minami- 南)are the largest or better known of the "Shop Streets" in Osaka. These shop streets are small outdoor booths or stores along a street as Harajuku-Dori(avenue) In Tokyo.
Osaka is in the tropic area of Japan
With this there are wonderful beaches
to visit! Though, another site uses
this to its advantage. Masaki Park!
Misaki Park is an Amusement park
located on the south western arm of
Osakas shore.
City Slicker?
Tokyo Is the hottest name there is t
o those
traveling to Ja
It has the most people traveling there touring
It is well known for its shopping District, in which the teens of Tokyo rapidly evolve the different Keis or Styles.
These different styles
one will see in Harajuku and Takeshita.
Two major Shop streets in tokyo.
Yet Tokyo has a more Mildly Chilly climate, a kind of temperate forest. The Landscape is quite Breathtaking also
Japan has very little plain land.
The Islands that make up japan can be refferred to as "mountain islands"land that is in itself a mountain nearly out of water.

Surrounded by the pacific ocean, and consisting of rugged land.
Japan has a thriving economy
Work force: 64.97 million
Marketplace Value: $4.1 trillion
GDP per capita: $34,000
It is the leader in technological Industries
Only 16% of its population
is under the Poverty Line
Main events or People
Fujimura Shinichi
Committed major Scientific fraud, which was found out in late 2002. His frauded discoveries caused many archeological textbooks to be rewritten. His dream was only to be one who found one of the first potteries of Japan.
Perfume パフューム
The Electro Pop girl Group
From Hiroshima Japan. They began their music career at the ages of 13 and are known for their On-Point pop locking. They have very unison voice and dance and are one of the best known groups In japan.
Kazuo Umezu
The Major creator of Horror Manga In japan. Manga are Japanese Comics read from Right to Left. Usually with a flowing Plot and detail down to the characters clothing patterns. Manga were the main media in which Umezu Let his fans into his horrific storylines.
Mt. Fuji Eruption
Mt. fuji has erupted a total of three times on human record. The Mt fuji as we know now, is actually the youngest of Three Volcanoes. Mt fuji rests atop Kofuji, which in turn lies on the olest of the three, Komitake. Mt Fuji is in rest, and is a major Skii Site.
Tsunami Of 2011
The 2011 Tsunami of japan was one of the many that japan has had to suffer. Yet none was as great as this one. 8.9 was its grade and the tremour not only rocked the small island nation, but swept half of it away in tidal wave. Its debris still floating in the oceans of the earth.
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