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Kansas Presentation

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kyler watts

on 11 February 2013

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Transcript of Kansas Presentation

Presentation Kansas Geography Kansas was the 34 state to join the United States.
Some history about Kansas is that, the Spanish Explorer Francisco De Coronado was considered the first European to have traveled the Kansas region. The first permanent white settlements in Kansas were outpost. The outposts were called Fort Leavenworth, Famous Kansan Charles E. Burr was a Horse Jockey that lived in Arkansas City, Kansas. He learned to ride at a young age. At age 11 he was riding at the Quarter-Horse series. He raced through out all the United States. From New York to California. Kansas Symbol When I think of Kansas
I think of the wild plains
and the blue skies.
When other people think of Kansas they think of a place that`s hot and desert like but its not. My city of Kansas is going
to be a place called Independence. Independence was purchased from the Osage Indians in 1893. Gorge A. Brown bought the land known as Independence for 50 dollars. the population there is 9,483 people. A Kansas City Kansas Kansas is a great place full of cool
landmarks and hot places. Kansas` name comes from the Kansa Indians. Kansas means '' People of The South Wind''. Charlie Burr Some more information about Charlie is that he won over 300 races in a year. That left him in the making of History. A lot of people were shocked that a little Kansas Boy at age eleven was winning races. His record stood for 42 years. Charlie was in the U.S` Triple Crown Series. He also rode professionally for 29 years. Another Famous Kansan
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