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The Coffin Quilt

Awesome feud between the Hatfields and McCoys

MaryAlice Case

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of The Coffin Quilt

The Coffin Quilt By Ann Rinaldi Characters: Characters Plot Exposition- While at a hanging Fanny describes the feud and introduces a majority of the characters. Setting Takes place from 1880-1889. Setting 2 This story would be very different if it took place in a different geographical place. Mainly because other places have different customs and standards. Theme The Real Story Randel McCoy, or Pa, had seventeen children in his lifetime. Only thirteen of his children appeared in Ann Rinaldi's story over the feud. Figurative Language The Historical Significance of the story This story would not be possible if not for the hatred that had been laced into the veins of Hatfields and Mccoys towards each other. They had fought on opposite sides of the war. McCoys supported the confederacy while Hatfields supported the Union. Real or Fiction? The main character in this story is named Fanny. She is the youngest member of the McCoy family. "If you lie to Pa you lie to God." This is a metaphor because it's
comparing Pa to God. "You look like the hind wheels of bad luck." This is a simile because it uses like to compare a person to the hind wheels of bad luck. If you put the war between these two families in modern times, the style of fighting would be very different. It would most likely end up as a gang fight between two powerful families. It is a more violent and bloody version of Romeo and Juliet, with the feuds not starting until the young couple runs away in love hoping to end the war and hatred. The history records over the McCoy family name all of the children, with the exception of the youngest child, who they know is female. The name could not be determined because it was never written down by family members, teachers, herself and she did not have a gravestone. It is considered highly possible that the girl fled town and never returned before her death. So it is very possible that our main character could have been named Fanny, but we will never know. In the story, she tells you that Rosanna was twenty one years of age. In that time period, a girl became of marrying age at sixteen and then legal adult age at eighteen. Because of this it made you believe it wasn't as big of a deal that she ran off with Johnse, she was of legal age. However, in reality, when Rosanna ran away with Johnse Hatfield, historians estimate that she was just barely eighteen, if that. The four children who were left out of this story are considered the smartest by many historians. The historians believe that all four either fled town together, or around the same time as each other, as soon as the feud began. Also, the feud, which had already been sparked by the stealing of a hog, had been truly started earlier. It's believed that after the Civil War ended, a Hatfield was at a bar when he saw a McCoy walk in wearing his Confederacy uniform, and shot him right then. The Hatfields and the McCoys have a strong hatred for each other and they are very loyal to their families. These families will go to extreme measures to get revenge against the other feuding family. Rising Action- When Ro McCoy tells Fanny that she's running away with Johnse Hatfield. Climax- When Ro tells Fanny about being pregnant. Falling action- All the brothers get killed in cold blood by the Hatfields. Resolution- There is a lot of death and fanny decides to go to normal school. Takes place in West Virginia and Kentucky. Takes place during all the seasons. Very "old fashioned" western This story would also be different if it was in a different time period. If it was in modern times there would have been a lot more authorities involved. The weapons also would have been much better and there would be more death. Each family is loyal to their family because of the harm done to their family by the rival family. The measures they are willing to go to are very ruthless and viloent, creating a disregard for human life. The themes prevalent in this book are loyalty and rivalry. The rivalry between the Hatfields and the McCoys creates anger and hatred between the seperate families and in the families themselves. This theme of rivalry is thread throughout the plot through all the fights and problems. The theme of loyalty is shown by the devotion of the members to the cause of what they believe to be right. This theme has been prevalent throughout history when many groups of people have fought for a cause or against another rival cause. Other Important Info Blackberry Fork was the McCoy's home, and was burned to the ground by the Hatfields' on December 31st, 1887. During the burning, 2 McCoys were murdered, and 1 had a serious injury. Some people say, that since this forced the McCoys to move into town, it helped end the feud. No one wanted to involve other families.
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