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GSK Presentation

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Mariyah Ahmad

on 11 March 2013

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Transcript of GSK Presentation

Internship 2012 1. Assistant Product manager RECRUITMENT 2. Applicant Information Form Created a candidate pool by matching profiles to criteria and contacting candidates to gauge interest level ENGAGEMENT Brainstormed 6 different initiatives that could be taken to make GSK's employees identify more strongly with the organization and its culture Employees that go the extra mile! Surveys GMS Respect at Work GMS Engagement Survey had revealed a number of problematic themes.

Objective:Design a survey that further analyzed the problematic themes and gave insight into their root causes. Task 1 Task 2 Review the SOP dates and sort accordingly
Organize them in a manner so that a third party, like an auditor, can maneuver through them with ease Understand each policy
Identify key individuals and key procedures
Create a swimlane diagram mapping out each procedure KEY LEARNINGS
A deep and clear understanding of policies

In-depth exposure to a completely unfamiliar function of HR
An understanding of GSK's culture, and how employees can be made to feel a greater bond with GSK
Researched employee engagement surveys like Q12 and gained a deeper understanding of the problems employees face and how they can be resolved
How to match candidate profiles to given criteria

A deeper understanding of how various industries differ from each other in terms of their culture and the employees they attract SOP Tabulated all the Respect at Work surveys.

Analyzed data in three ways:
Category wise
Individual questions

Highlighted problematic areas that needed attention in a presentation

Sent to Country Compliance Officer to present fidnings at the RMCB meeting SOP Engagement SURVEYS Recruitment Mariyah Ahmad
HR Intern Work-life Balance
Top team effectiveness
Office Politics Empowernment & trust
Communication & FEedback
Harrassment & bullying
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