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Response-to-Intervention Implementation

No description

Derward Richardson

on 5 December 2015

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Transcript of Response-to-Intervention Implementation

Response-to-Intervention Implementation
MED 5313 Teaching & Assessment Strategies for Exceptional Learners
Dr. Gabrielle Polk, Instructor

Tier 1
Universal Screening
Tier 3
Targeted Interventions
Jack is given the Work Attack Test
from the Woodcock Reading Mastery Test.

Tier 2
Class/School-Wide Intervention

Jack's teachers (the "E" Team) begin to monitor his accuracy and fluency in reading selected texts. The team determines that Jack should undergo 6 weeks of group instruction (3 students in all).
With 10 minutes of individualized instruction each day for 6 weeks, Jack now reads 100% of words presented to him vs. only 55% prior to intervention.

By the end of March, Jack's PALS total score had jumped to 58, and he was reading at the target level-- 2nd grade. RTI can work!
Meet Jack
(a 2nd grader)
In the early fall, Jack and his classmates at Edgemont High were administered the Phonological Awareness and Literacy Screening test. The test consisted of the following:
1. a 1st grade word list
2. a spelling assessment

Jack's Results
Jack received a benchmark score of 22 (7/20 on the first-grade word list) and 15/20 on the spelling assessment, against an expected benchmark score of 35.
Jack's Assessment (Deficits)
1. Instructional level reading:
grade level 1
2. WCPM = 28 (words correct per
3. 20 words below the 50th percentile
for 2nd graders
Jack's Final Evaluation
Jack has the basic building blocks for reading but is still falling behind. Intervention is needed.
Jack's Goal
Jack needs to progress in his reading toward grade level norms.
Jack's Assessment (Accomplishments)
Jack, according to the data, has alphabetic skills like phonemic awareness and letters. So he does have a foundation upon which to build.
Strategies Chosen (Tier 2)

1. Modeling of fluent reading
2. Repeated readings
3. Error correction
4. Comprehension questions
5. Self-monitoring

*20 min. sessions/3 x per week
Jack's Progress
At the end of the 6 weeks, Jack's Phonological Awareness Literacy Screening test showed the following:

He was independent at the primer (1.1) level and barely instructional at the first-grade level with 14 errors and a reading rate of 42 WCPM.
Jack's Response-to-Intervention
Jack's teachers (Anita, Abigail, Derward, and Mr. E) determine that he needs more individualized instruction.
Test Results
Jack has difficulty decoding words with more than one syllable and those that contain difficult vowel patterns.

Intervention Employed
The "E" Team enhanced the intervention by adding practice with problem words.

1. Jack practiced incorrectly read words.
2. He received instruction in how to
analyze word parts
3. He extended analytic skills to similar words.
4. And he practiced through
word sorts

Strategies Illustrated
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