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Mountain Man Brewing Company

No description

Paul Stanford

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of Mountain Man Brewing Company

Elicia Bolding, Paul Stanford, Megan Mayfield Mountain Man
Brewing Company
(Blue) Questions Hypothesis But why, you may ask? Situation:

In 2006 Chris Prangel took over marketing for MMBC
Company started experiencing a decrease in profits
Trying to decide whether or not to introduce a new light beer Why is Mountain Man Brewing Company so successful?
What separates them from the competition?
What are the kinds of customers Mountain Man cater to?
What makes their promotion of their product so different and effective?
Why does this help contribute to such a strong brand? Potential Issues Mountain Man Brewing Company If Mountain introduces a new light beer, will the company continue to experience a growth in sales, gain more customers, and remain profitable? We believe that Mountain Man should introduce a new light beer because of:
Customer Loyalty
Proper Advertisement
Expanding the customer base
Rebrand Mountain Man image Loss of loyal customers
Damaging brand image
Light beer market is oversaturated
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