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Coconut Island

No description

Jordan Bryant

on 1 April 2015

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Transcript of Coconut Island

Jordan B.
Lanier W.
Jaquez R.
Emalee J.
Madison M.
Distribution: Less of the portion of food.

Stealing: Give twice the amount that you stole.

Fighting: Week of isolation.

Contribution: More work for a week.

Rule Breaking
Equal distribution of food

No murder

No stealing

Have to contribute
Explorer: Emalee: The explorer will look for fresh water and food, and a place to put our shelter.
Hunter: Jaquez: Hunter will sharpen a stone and make it a spear. He will kill animals and bring them back to the people.
Rule Making
Anyone can propose a rule but everyone has to vote on it.

Majority rules

Coconut Island
Cook: Lanier: Cook will prepare the food
that is brought back by the hunter and
explorer. Meat, berries, vegetables, etc.
Caretaker: Jordan: Caretaker will
take care of people who are sick and injured.
Fisherman: Madison: Fisherman will sharpen a stick and use it to stab the fish in the ocean or any lakes.
Shelter MAker
Shelter Maker: Everyone: We will make huts for everyone to live in.
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