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Mass Media

No description

Мария Полякова

on 14 March 2017

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Transcript of Mass Media

Types of mass media:
It's the most important device of new age media. The discovery of Internet can be called the biggest invention in mass media.
Print Media:

Mass Media
Mass media is media that is intended for a large audience. The press, radio, television and Internet have a very big impact on modern society. They serve to inform people of different events, educate, entertain and give us any kinds of information.
Electronic mails have drastically reduced the time for drafting and sending letters or mails. Electronic mails have also facilitated lesser usage of paper.
Print media encompasses mass communication through newspapers, magazines, booklets and brochures, billboards, and books.
A newspaper carries all kinds of communication related to a variety of topics like politics, current affairs, entertainment and finance. However, with the emergence of Internet, which updates information every second, the popularity of reading has reduced.
Electronic Media:

It includes television, radio, and new-age media, like Internet, computers, telephones, etc.
Millions of people like to watch TV in their spare time. Television provides a great opportunity for people to learn latest news, watch educational programmes, children's programmes, and films. It informs, educates and entertains people.
The radio lost its popularity with the boom of television. But till day, it remains one of the favorite means of electronic communication.
Sitting in front of a computer you can shop, download many interesting films, books, read news, play computer games, chat and send mails to your friends. Since the time of Internet appearance, many other media sources became unnecessary.
Through the use web search engine you can find the information you're looking for in 5 seconds.
Internet has a plethora of websites dedicated to various people, companies, brands, etc. The most significant utility of these websites is web search. Google Search Engine is the best search engine in the world.
Done by:
Polyakova Maria
group IS 1-41
Social Networking
Social media itself includes several categories: blogs, forums and, of course, social networking sites. Social network is a very convenient tool for a quick message exchange, searching for old friends and making new acquaintances, discussing pressing issues in groups.

The most popular are social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vkontakte and so on.
In recent years mobile apps have proliferated. Download dedicated mobile apps of popular social networks on your smartphone, and stay connected with the network all the time, even when you are on the go.
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